Top 15 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs in 2024 (High Commissions)

Are you ready to monetize with web hosting affiliate programs? You’re in the right place! No need for lengthy explanations or complicated strategies. Here, you’ll find clear insights and actionable advice to kickstart your success in Web Hosting Affiliate Programs. Our guide cuts through the complexities, ensuring a seamless entry into the affiliate marketing world. Dive in with confidence, armed with the knowledge to stand out in this competitive landscape.

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Why Choose a Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

Choosing the right affiliate program is pivotal for a successful affiliate marketing strategy, and web hosting affiliate programs offer an exceptional opportunity for passive income. Here’s why these programs are a smart choice:

  • Generous Commissions: Web hosting affiliate programs typically provide substantial commission rates, ensuring lucrative returns for each successful referral.
  • Recurring Income: Many programs offer recurring commissions, allowing affiliates to earn whenever their referred customers renew their hosting plans.
  • Diverse Hosting Options: With a range of hosting choices, including shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers, affiliates can tailor promotions to meet their audience’s specific needs.
  • Trusted Providers: Partnering with reputable web hosting providers builds trust, assuring affiliates that their audience will receive reliable hosting solutions.
  • Marketing Support: Web hosting affiliate programs often equip affiliates with resources like banner ads, promotional materials, and dedicated managers for optimized marketing efforts.

In summary, web hosting affiliate programs provide a lucrative avenue to monetize websites or blogs. With high commissions, recurring income, diverse hosting options, trusted providers, and marketing support, these programs offer a strategic path to sustained passive income.

Top 15 Web Hosting Affiliate Programs List

1. Kinsta


In the vast landscape of web hosting providers, Kinsta emerges as a distinctive player for several compelling reasons.

First and foremost, Kinsta offers genuine managed WordPress hosting, setting them apart from providers merely paying lip service to the concept. Having extensively tested various web hosts, we, at Authority Hacker, unequivocally favor Kinsta as our top choice.

What truly distinguishes Kinsta is its deep involvement in the web hosting and development industry. Their commitment extends to developing proprietary plugins, designed to optimize any WordPress installation comprehensively.

However, excellence comes at a price. Kinsta’s services start at $30 per month for a single website, squarely targeting professional affiliate marketers. Despite the premium cost, the quality of service rendered by Kinsta makes it a standout choice in our books.

Kinsta Affiliate Program

The Kinsta Hosting affiliate program is noteworthy for being run in-house, a testament to Kinsta’s commitment to quality. This approach allows them to offer substantial financial incentives to affiliates, with commissions reaching up to a remarkable $500 per referred sale.

In the realm of web hosting affiliate programs, Kinsta stands out as the most lucrative option in this roundup. The program’s structure, coupled with Kinsta’s low churn rate, minimizes refunds, ensuring a financially rewarding experience for affiliates.

Program Details:

2. WP Engine


Established in 2010, WP Engine has evolved from relative obscurity to becoming the backbone for 500,000 WordPress sites across 120 countries. The company not only excels in web hosting but is also the driving force behind StudioPress themes and the Genesis Framework for WordPress. Opting for WP Engine not only provides superior hosting but also grants access to StudioPress and Genesis as valuable bonuses.

While this level of managed WordPress hosting comes with a price, starting at $30 per month, substantial discounts are available for those willing to commit for a year or more in advance. The old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true, particularly in the realm of web hosting, where WP Engine’s quality stands out.

Affiliate Commissions

Understanding WP Engine’s affiliate commission structure may seem a tad perplexing, especially with the mention of “200%.” In essence, for every affiliate referral, you stand to earn an average of $140.53. The extended 180-day window for your lead to convert to a sale adds flexibility to the process.

Moreover, WP Engine introduces a bonus structure, offering an additional $100 in commission for those who refer more than 5 customers monthly, scaling up to an impressive $1,500 bonus for 60 customers referred each month. This unique bonus program sets WP Engine apart, and you can explore the details further with your dedicated affiliate manager.

Program Details:

3. Cloudways


While cloud hosting isn’t a groundbreaking concept, Cloudways brings a unique offering to the table. What sets them apart is the ability for customers to choose from five distinct cloud providers to serve as the backbone for their accounts.

Unlike traditional hosts that limit users to their chosen service infrastructure, Cloudways empowers users to opt for Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, or Google Cloud hosting. All these options boast SSD-based performance, and to further enhance speed, each account is seamlessly integrated with the CloudWays CDN.

Adding to the allure is the assurance of 24/7/365 support for visitors, with response times as low as 30 minutes through the premium support option.

The sweetener in the deal is the affiliate program, offering a base commission of $50 per referral. While this might seem enticing on its own, the real magic happens when you consistently refer more customers. If you can surpass 45 customers monthly, your commission rate can soar up to an impressive $125 per sale. There’s a sliding scale for those referring 6–20 and 21–45 new customers each month, adding flexibility to your earnings.

Moreover, Cloudways offers the added advantage of working directly with your own affiliate manager, ensuring personalized support and guidance.

Program Details:

4. SiteGround


Selecting the right web host for your initial affiliate websites can be overwhelming. At TASS, we understand the importance of a user-friendly setup, and our students trust SiteGround for its ease of use and reliability – a web host that conveniently offers an affiliate program.

SiteGround provides WordPress hosting starting at just $3.95 per month, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality. Your website benefits from SSD hardware, and SiteGround sweetens the deal by including an SSL certificate at no extra cost.

For WordPress enthusiasts, SiteGround offers plans starting at $9.95 per month, delivering substantial value. This includes 10GB of storage, free WordPress installation, a complimentary CDN, and a free SSL certificate to secure that coveted HTTPS love from Google.

One of SiteGround’s standout features is its exceptional technical and customer support, ensuring you’re in capable hands whenever assistance is needed.

SiteGround Affiliate Program

SiteGround doesn’t just excel in web hosting; it also manages its own affiliate program, presenting an opportunity for affiliates to earn substantial commissions.

Affiliates can earn up to $75 for each new customer signing up through their affiliate link, with the highest rate paid for 20+ referrals per month. The base affiliate commission rate is a respectable $40 per sale, offering a solid foundation for earnings.

Program Details:

5. iPage


In a realm where hosting companies often boast a decade of experience, iPage stands out as a veteran that I distinctly recall from my earliest online days back in 1998. Remarkably, they were running an affiliate program right from the start.

For as little as $2.99 per month, your audience can secure web hosting from iPage. However, this enticing pricing requires a commitment to a 36-month plan. What do your visitors get in return? A web hosting account featuring a free domain name, SSL certificate, 24/7 support, a user-friendly site builder, and even free domain transfer.

Notably, iPage is a compelling choice for environmentally conscious affiliates. Why? Their servers operate on wind power, allowing iPage customers to proudly display a badge on their site, showcasing its eco-friendly nature – a unique leverage point for affiliates.

iPage Affiliate Program

iPage extends its excellence to affiliates, offering a robust commission of $85 for each new WordPress and VPS hosting account referred. While the landing page suggests up to $150 commission for dedicated hosting accounts, this detail isn’t reflected on Commission Junction.

Program Details:

7. A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting distinguishes itself as the champion of speed, proudly claiming to be up to 20 times faster than its competitors. This speed-centric approach is evident in their commitment to achieving 1-second page load times for customer sites, setting a new standard in website performance.

A2 Hosting caters to a diverse range of needs, offering hosting solutions from shared to dedicated, suitable for anything from small hobby sites to robust corporate or e-commerce platforms. The WordPress ‘Lite’ shared hosting kicks off at an affordable $3.60 per month for a single site, extending to professional WordPress hosting options at $35 per month for unlimited websites. Every new account is equipped with a free SSL certificate, a steadfast commitment to 99.9% uptime, and unparalleled customer and technical support.

Affiliates of A2 Hosting are in for a treat, as the program generously rewards their efforts. Earning potential peaks at an impressive $125 per sale for affiliates who refer more than 31 new customers monthly. Even at the lower end of the scale, A2 Hosting ensures a respectable $55 per referral, making it a potentially lucrative venture for dedicated affiliates.

Program Details:

  1. Scala Hosting

While Scala Hosting might not be a household name, it boasts a robust hosting legacy dating back to 2007, surpassing many of its competitors in longevity. Specializing in shared, WordPress, and managed cloud hosting, Scala Hosting caters to a diverse range of hosting needs, making them a versatile choice for various website requirements.

What sets Scala Hosting apart is its claim to offer the world’s most affordable managed VPS hosting plans, starting at an incredibly competitive $12 per month. This pricing, coupled with their evident success, reflected in hosting over 700,000 websites for more than 50,000 customers, positions Scala Hosting as an ideal solution for audiences seeking slightly more technical hosting solutions.

8. Scala Hosting Affiliate Program


To tap into the Scala Hosting affiliate program, affiliates need an account with Rakuten Linkshare. Scala Hosting offers a base affiliate commission of $35 per referral for standard shared hosting, but the real highlight is the flat rate of $120 per sale for VPS hosting. Notably, they prefer affiliates who publish content on IT subjects or review IT products and services, a key consideration when applying to the program.

Program Details:

8. WebHostingPad


When it comes to delivering quality hosting without breaking the bank, WebHostingPad stands out with its straightforward pitch, offering “quality hosting but at affordable prices.” With shared hosting packages starting at just $1.99 per month and WordPress solutions at $2.99 per month, WebHostingPad ensures affordability without compromising performance. Even their VPS hosting, designed for speed, maintains cost-effectiveness, and most hosting packages benefit from the use of SSD-powered servers.

With a solid 15 years in the industry, WebHostingPad may not boast the high-profile status of some competitors, but it stands as a seasoned veteran in the hosting arena.

While their affiliate payout of $70 per referral is noteworthy, it seems to be specific to VPS hosting packages. The average affiliate payment per transaction is $27.22, placing it on the lower end compared to some hosting affiliate programs. Nevertheless, this remains a reasonable commission for affiliates.

Program Details:

9. Hostgator


No hosting affiliate program roundup is complete without recognizing the granddaddy of them all – HostGator. Once the powerhouse behind countless affiliate sites, HostGator continues to be a stalwart in the web hosting realm, known for its reliability and affordability. Despite a shift in ownership after being acquired by EIG, HostGator remains a go-to choice for many.

HostGator’s popularity endures, offering ultra-affordable hosting starting at just $2.75 per month. Whether your visitors need fast WordPress hosting or high-end VPS or dedicated hosting for demanding sites and applications, HostGator has them covered.

Affiliates promoting this offer are generously rewarded with a flat $75 commission for each referral. Notably, top performers can elevate their earnings with an increased commission rate. If you manage to refer more than 20 sales monthly, HostGator boosts your affiliate commission to an impressive $125 per signup.

Program Details:

10. BlueHost


While BlueHost often steals the spotlight in countless “best website hosts” articles, our focus today shifts to the BlueHost affiliate program rather than their hosting services. As part of the EIG family, BlueHost caters to customers with shared, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated web hosting solutions, maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.

BlueHost’s pricing adds to its appeal, with shared and WordPress hosting starting at an enticing $3.58 per month for a single website. It’s worth noting that this favorable rate requires a commitment to their 36-month plan. Each entry-level plan comes with the added benefits of a free domain name and SSL certificate for the first year of service.

Now, diving into the BlueHost affiliate program, affiliates are met with an exceptional 120-day cookie duration – a generosity that surpasses industry standards. Every successful referral through an affiliate link earns a substantial $65 commission, highlighting the program’s commitment to rewarding affiliates.

It’s noteworthy that BlueHost has a track record of paying its affiliates over US$5 million in commissions annually. This figure alone underscores the potential of this affiliate program, making it a worthwhile endeavor for those who can ethically and uniquely promote it.

Program Details:

11. GoDaddy


GoDaddy reigns supreme with over 20 million customers and a staggering 84 million domains under its management. However, a prominent name doesn’t always guarantee an exceptional hosting affiliate program. Fortunately, GoDaddy breaks the mold, offering a robust and rewarding affiliate initiative.

Hosted through the reputable CJ Affiliate network, GoDaddy’s affiliate program ensures reliability in payments, quality tracking, and all the crucial backend operations. Boasting a solid 10% revenue share on every sale, whether it’s a new or existing customer, GoDaddy provides affiliates with a competitive edge. The program grants a generous 45-day cookie window, surpassing the offerings of some industry rivals.

To empower affiliates in driving crucial sales, GoDaddy equips them with a rich arsenal of promotional materials. With over 100 banner ads and text links at their disposal, affiliates have versatile tools to strategically place on their websites.

For added convenience, GoDaddy’s affiliate program on CJ Affiliate provides flexibility in payment methods, offering a choice between check, direct deposit, and Payoneer. Commissions are disbursed on a NET 30 basis, ensuring a steady and predictable payout schedule.

Program Details:

12. Liquid Web


Liquid Web, a stalwart in enterprise-class hosting for small and medium businesses, boasts over 45,000 customers and manages 500,000 websites. Their affiliate program, accessible through Impact Radius, offers a compelling commission structure. Affiliates earn 150% of the monthly hosting cost for each successful referral, with a minimum commission of $150.

This means even a referral to a $29 per month package guarantees a $150 commission, augmented by a 50% bonus for pre-paid plans, potentially reaching $7,000 per sale. The program’s allure is further enhanced with a generous 90-day cookie window, allowing ample time for conversions.

Payments, available through Impact Radius, include direct transfer, BACS, and PayPal, with the added option of web hosting credits. In summary, Liquid Web not only delivers top-notch hosting but also offers affiliates a lucrative opportunity with a robust commission structure, extended cookie duration, and diverse payment options.

Program Details:

13. WPX


WPX has earned the title of the fastest global provider, as validated by independent data analyst Kevin Ohashi. Now, let’s explore the dynamics of its affiliate program.

WPX takes pride in conducting “ethical” affiliate marketing, reflected in its sliding commission scale:

  • 1 – 25 sales = $70 per sale
  • 26 – 100 sales = $85 per sale
  • 101+ sales = $100 per sale

Remarkably, these commissions are for lifetime sales, not confined to monthly quotas. Achieving 100 sales unlocks a consistent $100 for each subsequent sale indefinitely. The program also offers a 60-day cookie window for enhanced earning opportunities.

For annual plan sales, commissions are paid 35 days later, between the 15th and 30th of each month. Monthly plan referrals, however, qualify for a commission only after four consecutive months of payment. If a coupon code covers the first month, the payment period extends by an additional month.

WPX places a strong emphasis on support, extending its commitment to affiliate marketers. The affiliate manager is accessible via email and Skype at all times. The affiliate hub provides an array of banners and insights into upcoming promotions.

Program Details:

14. Hostinger


Hostinger, a renowned player in the hosting industry, beckons affiliates with an enticing proposition through its Affiliate Program. Here’s a snapshot:

Why Hostinger Stands Out:

With over 13 million monthly views and a steady stream of signups, Hostinger provides a seamless conversion experience. The program offers a competitive 60% commission on eligible sales, presenting a substantial earning potential. However, it’s vital to consider the affordable nature of Hostinger’s hosting plans, ranging from $2 to $5 per month.

Key Considerations:

  • Maximizing Earnings: High-traffic sites stand to benefit most from Hostinger’s affiliate program, necessitating numerous conversions to optimize the robust 60% commission structure.
  • Referral Program: For those with a smaller audience, exploring Hostinger’s referral program could be a strategic alternative.

Affiliates applaud Hostinger for its user-friendly interface, provision of free marketing materials, and dedicated customer support. These resources empower affiliates to craft effective strategies, enhancing the overall affiliate experience.

15. DreamHost


Program Overview:

DreamHost, headquartered in Massachusetts, stands as a robust support system for bloggers aiming to elevate their WordPress sites. Renowned clients, including the likes of, attest to the company’s credibility.

Commission Insights:

DreamHost’s affiliate structure is marked by its generosity and equity. Affiliates not only earn rewards for steering customers toward higher-tier plans but also benefit from enhanced commission rates for yearly signups as opposed to monthly commitments. For instance, securing an annual signup for the starter plan ($15 monthly) yields a $50 commission, while an annual signup for the premium DreamPress plan commands a generous $150 reward.

Strategic Considerations:

  • Target Audience: Ideal for bloggers seeking scalable hosting solutions for their WordPress sites.
  • Optimizing Rewards: Affiliates can strategically leverage higher commissions by promoting annual signups, aligning with the platform’s preference for extended commitments.

Conclusion – Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Dive into a world of earning potential with our curated list of 15 web hosting affiliate programs. From Kinsta’s $500 commissions to WP Engine’s enticing offers, these programs cater globally, expanding your income horizons.

Wondering how they afford it? Customer retention is key. These programs prioritize client satisfaction, ensuring a steady income stream over the long term.

Our focus is on profitability, not just ranking the best hosting companies. It’s about strategic partnerships for sustained earnings.

Embark on this affiliate journey with confidence, knowing these programs go beyond one-time commissions – they’re gateways to long-term success. 

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