15 Best Crypto Affiliate Programs in 2024

Discover the key to unlocking perpetual passive income through top-notch crypto affiliate programs. Whether you manage a blog, news site, YouTube channel, or Twitter account, these programs offer a reliable stream of recurring revenue.

Our expert team has combed the web to bring you the most reputable and lucrative crypto affiliate programs. Explore 11 top options designed to boost your income from your dedicated audience.

Seize the opportunity to secure lasting financial success in the dynamic world of digital assets. Join us on this journey and harness the transformative power of crypto affiliate programs for unparalleled financial growth.

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What Is a Crypto Affiliate Program?

Crypto affiliate programs emerge as a powerful facet of affiliate marketing, allowing you to promote crypto-related services and earn lucrative commissions for successful referrals. This proven method, long embraced by businesses to attract new customers, has seamlessly transitioned into the crypto world, sustaining its success.

Primarily advantageous for the businesses orchestrating these programs, crypto affiliate partnerships tap into the marketing prowess of affiliates to draw in new users. The symbiotic relationship extends benefits to affiliates as well, earning them a substantial share of the profits, often reaching as high as 50% of the program operator’s earnings.

What sets crypto affiliate programs apart is the substantial rewards they offer, surpassing those of affiliate programs in other niches. Affiliates aren’t obligated to actively engage with the platform; their role is to encourage others to do so. The program, in turn, generously rewards their efforts. For adept marketers, this presents a golden opportunity to establish a consistent revenue stream.

Passive IncomeCreate a steady revenue stream by effectively encouraging others to use the platform.
Lucrative CommissionsBenefit from commission rates that can rival or exceed those in traditional affiliate marketing.
Market Growth OpportunitiesCapitalize on the evolving crypto landscape, leveraging the potential for sustained growth.

How Does Crypto Affiliate Marketing Work?

To kickstart your journey, apply to the affiliate program, and upon approval, receive a unique referral link for tracking purposes. Your mission is to persuade individuals to join the associated crypto platform and use its services.

The essential step is to ensure the use of your assigned referral link, as it dictates that users are directed through your efforts. Earnings, in the form of predetermined commissions outlined in the program, are triggered when your referrals actively start trading. With rates reaching up to 50%, each active referral can significantly boost your income.

Most crypto affiliate programs follow a similar structure, focusing on attracting users to the platform. Utilize diverse methods, such as personal messaging, social media promotion, blogs, and videos featuring affiliate links, to draw in your audience.

Simplified Steps in Crypto Affiliate Marketing

ApplicationApply to the affiliate program and gain approval.
Referral LinkReceive a unique link for tracking user engagement.
Platform UsageEncourage individuals to join the crypto platform and use its services.
Link UtilizationEnsure the use of the provided referral link to attribute users to your efforts.
Commission EarnedEarn predetermined commissions based on the program’s rules when referrals actively start trading.

Top Crypto Affiliate Programs With the Highest Payouts

1. Eightcap – Affiliate Program Covering Up to 50% Commissions


Eightcap, a trusted CFD trading platform established in 2009 and regulated in multiple jurisdictions, including the UK’s FCA and EU’s MiFID.

While not a conventional crypto exchange, Eightcap introduces crypto trading through CFDs, offering around 200 crypto CFDs, nearly 800 CFDs in total, and a diverse range of 40+ forex pairs.

Take advantage of one of the industry’s top cryptocurrency affiliate programs—Eightcap Partners, featuring commissions of up to 50%. With a global reach spanning 125+ countries, affiliates can seamlessly promote Eightcap worldwide.

Join Eightcap Partners to earn commissions through a model providing $6 per lot alongside revenue share. Benefit from an impressive 40% conversion rate, ensuring a steady passive income stream from satisfied users.

In 2022, Eightcap Partners’ affiliates collectively earned over $9 million in commissions. Powered by Cellxpert, a trusted solution used by global brands, Eightcap Partners offers an effortless onboarding process with no setup costs and a low $100 payout threshold.

Table 1: Eightcap Highlights

Commission RatesUp to 50% commissions through Eightcap Partners.
Regulatory ComplianceRegulated in multiple jurisdictions, including the UK’s FCA and EU’s MiFID.
Asset Variety200+ crypto CFDs, nearly 800 CFDs in total, and 40+ forex pairs.
Affiliate EarningsAffiliates collectively earned over $9 million in commissions in 2022.
Affiliate SoftwarePowered by Cellxpert, a trusted solution used by global brands.
Payout ThresholdLow $100 threshold for hassle-free commission withdrawals.
Global ReachOperates in 125+ countries, enabling worldwide promotion.

2. Binance — Offering Base Commissions of 40% and Monthly Bonuses Up to 72,000 USDT.


Binance, the global crypto superpower and premier choice for crypto novices. Boasting unmatched daily trading volumes and market coverage, Binance’s affiliate program sets the stage for lucrative opportunities.

Binance’s straightforward affiliate scheme starts with a compelling 40% base referral bonus for futures trading and 41% for spot trading, with commissions reaching an impressive 50%. However, once your referred traders exceed 500 and attain VIP 3 status, commissions cease.

VIP 3 status is achieved by surpassing a 30-day trading volume of 20 million BUSD for spot trades or 100 million BUSD for futures trades, along with a BNB balance exceeding 250.

Beyond base commissions, Binance’s monthly bonus campaign offers affiliates the chance to earn up to 72,000 USDT based on the fees paid by their referrals. To qualify, individuals must meet entry requirements, including having over 5,000 followers on one or all social media platforms.

Binance Affiliate Program Highlights

Base Commissions40% base referral bonus for futures trading and 41% for spot trading.
Commission EscalationCommission rate on spot trading increases to 50% after referring over 500 traders.
VIP 3 ThresholdAchieve VIP 3 status with a 30-day trading volume of over 20 million BUSD for spot trades or 100 million BUSD for futures trades.
Monthly Bonus CampaignEarn up to 72,000 USDT through a monthly bonus campaign, based on the fees paid by your referrals.
Entry RequirementsQualify with criteria like having over 5,000 followers on one or all social media platforms.

3. Coinbase — 50% Commission Rates for the First 3 Months and Payments to PayPal and Bank Account


Coinbase, a major player in the global crypto scene often trailing just behind Binance. Coinbase’s widespread popularity makes it an easy choice for referrals, offering diverse services beyond traditional exchanges, including payments, institutional services, and developer-friendly features.

A notable win for Coinbase is the right to offer crypto futures trading in the US, enhancing its reputation and usefulness. The Coinbase affiliate program stands out with an enticing offer—start with a generous 50% commission rate on referrals’ trading fees for the initial three months, with no cap on the number of referrals.

What sets Coinbase apart is its flexibility in payments, compensating affiliates in their local currency and facilitating direct transfers to bank accounts or PayPal. To support effective affiliate campaigns, Coinbase provides robust tools, including a campaign tracking tool for precise monitoring, performance data analysis, and customizable reports.

Coinbase Affiliate Program Highlights

Commission RatesBegin with a lucrative 50% commission rate on referrals’ trading fees for the first three months.
Payment FlexibilityReceive compensation in your local currency with seamless transfers to your bank account or PayPal.
Campaign TrackingLeverage detailed tracking functionalities, including performance data analysis and customizable reports.
Regulatory TriumphCoinbase secured the right to offer crypto futures trading in the US, reinforcing its regulatory standing.
Versatile PlatformBeyond exchanges, Coinbase offers diverse solutions, including payments, institutional services, and developer-friendly features.

4. ByBit


ByBit, a rapidly ascending crypto exchange renowned for its recent explosive growth. Founded in 2018 in Dubai, UAE, ByBit has quickly become a preferred choice for crypto enthusiasts.

ByBit’s affiliate program is a testament to simplicity and effectiveness. Like most programs, it involves sharing links and attracting new users to the platform. However, ByBit sets itself apart by offering a dedicated affiliate portal designed to streamline campaign management and earnings tracking, providing affiliates access to innovative products.

Should you encounter any challenges with the platform, ByBit goes the extra mile by assigning a dedicated account manager to every affiliate, ensuring personalized 1:1 account service.

ByBit’s Affiliate Program Highlights:

Monthly MonetizationEarn up to 50% in commissions on all referred users engaging in spot, option, and futures trading services.
Extra Commissions for ReferralsReceive an additional 10% on all referrals who themselves become affiliates, enhancing your earning potential.
Dedicated Account ManagerBenefit from a personalized 1:1 account service with a dedicated account manager, ready to assist with any platform-related concerns.
Timely Daily PaymentsEnjoy the convenience of daily payments, ensuring swift and reliable compensation for your affiliate efforts.
Global Networking OpportunitiesSeize invitations to exclusive affiliate and crypto networking events worldwide, fostering valuable connections and insights.

5. Bitget

Bitget stands out with its cutting-edge copy trading module, revolutionizing how seasoned traders and affiliates engage with the market. Bitget’s innovative approach allows experienced traders to showcase their proven strategies as “masters,” enabling followers to replicate their every move. This unique platform not only fosters a transparent and secure trading environment but also offers affiliates industry-leading commissions, paving the way for sustainable passive income.

Bitget Affiliate Program Highlights:

Commission RangeEarn substantial commissions ranging from 40% to 50% on spot and futures transaction fee rebates.
Minimum Payment ThresholdAccess your earnings with a minimum payment threshold set at 100 USDT, ensuring regular payouts for affiliates.
Payment FrequencyExperience the convenience of daily payouts, providing affiliates with a consistent and reliable income stream.
Exceptional FeaturesBenefit from rebates of up to 50% on transaction fees for every spot and futures trade made on the Bitget platform.
Dedicated Affiliate SupportReceive exceptional support from Bitget, ensuring affiliates have the resources and assistance needed for success.

Bitget’s copy trading module empowers affiliates to leverage the expertise of master traders, creating a symbiotic relationship that enhances the trading experience for both parties. The commission structure, offering rebates of up to 50% on transaction fees, positions Bitget as an industry leader in affiliate rewards.

With a minimum payment threshold of 100 USDT and daily payouts, Bitget ensures that affiliates can access their earnings regularly, fostering a dynamic and lucrative partnership.

6. Kucoin


KuCoin, a prominent player in the crypto security solutions arena. Offering a lucrative referral program, KuCoin provides individuals with a unique opportunity to monetize their influence in the crypto space. By becoming an affiliate, you gain access to exclusive referral links that can be seamlessly integrated into blogs and social media platforms. The earning potential is substantial, with affiliates receiving up to an impressive 50% commission on trading fees.

KuCoin Affiliate Program Highlights:

Commission RateEnjoy an enticing 50% commission on the trading fees of users who make transactions through your referral link.
Cookie DurationBenefit from a 7-day cookie duration, ensuring that you receive commissions for transactions within this timeframe.
Eligibility RequirementsIndividuals with a community of at least 500 participants or a social media profile boasting 5000 followers are eligible to join the KuCoin affiliate program.
Inclusive AffiliationThe KuCoin affiliate program is open to anyone with access to communities, media, or other valuable resources.
Comprehensive Commission ManagementAffiliates can efficiently manage their commissions across various channels using a visualized referral dashboard.

Embark on your journey as a KuCoin affiliate and tap into the inclusive nature of this program, welcoming individuals with diverse resources and backgrounds. Whether you possess a community, media presence, or other valuable outlets, KuCoin invites you to unlock the potential of crypto affiliate marketing.

7. Paxful — Earn 50% of Escrow Fees and Receive Payment Once You Reach $10


Paxful, a leading peer-to-peer crypto exchange globally recognized for its emphasis on Bitcoin transactions. Operating in over 350 ways, Paxful facilitates BTC exchanges using diverse payment methods, making it a top choice for users worldwide.

Paxful’s Affiliate Program Highlights:

Escrow Fee EarningsEarn a lucrative 50% of escrow fees when your referrals purchase Bitcoin, with an extra 10% for their referrals’ transactions.
Invitational RewardsBenefit from a robust affiliate program, earning even when your referrals invite new users.
Low Payout ThresholdCash out at your convenience with a low $10 minimum earnings requirement, directed to your Paxful wallet.
KYC ComplianceEnsure security with KYC verification required once Bitcoin earnings exceed $300.
Global ReachExplore diverse referral opportunities globally, focusing on growing markets in South America, Asia, and Africa.

Paxful’s affiliate program adheres to cryptocurrency affiliate marketing standards, offering straightforward Bitcoin earnings based on referral activity. With a low $10 payout threshold, flexibility and convenience are at the forefront of the affiliate experience.

While operating as a peer-to-peer platform, Paxful prioritizes security with KYC procedures triggered once Bitcoin earnings surpass $300. The platform’s global reach provides affiliates with diverse opportunities, particularly in expanding markets like South America, Asia, and Africa.

8. Coinmama


Coinmama, a platform created by the Canadian fintech company Wellfield Technologies. Serving users in 188 countries, Coinmama proudly covers the entire globe, positioning itself as a user-friendly crypto exchange.

Coinmama’s Affiliate Program Highlights:

Open to AllAnyone can become an affiliate by simply registering with Coinmama, fostering inclusivity in the program.
Global ReachCoinmama’s affiliate program is accessible worldwide, providing opportunities for individuals in 188 countries.
Lifetime EarningsEnjoy the potential for lifetime earnings, limited only by the duration of your referral’s activity on Coinmama.
Up to 30% CommissionsEarn up to 30% in commissions on every purchase made by your referred users, offering a competitive commission rate.
Multicurrency PayoutsBenefit from multi currency payouts, with options for both crypto and fiat, providing flexibility in receiving earnings.
Monthly PaymentsReceive payments once a month, streamlining the compensation process for affiliate marketers.
Order RequirementInitiate payments with a minimum requirement of three orders from three referrals, a small hurdle in an otherwise enticing program.

Coinmama’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in its open-for-all affiliate program, allowing individuals worldwide to participate. The potential for lifetime earnings adds a compelling dimension, where your income is tied to the longevity of your referral’s activity.

With the opportunity to earn up to 30% in commissions, Coinmama positions itself as a rewarding choice for affiliate marketers. The absence of restrictions on the duration of earnings makes this program particularly attractive, showcasing why it deserves a spot among the best crypto affiliate programs.

9. Bitsgap — Up to 30% and a 30-day Cookie Lifetime


Bitsgap, a crypto platform renowned for its user-friendly interface and robust features. Bitsgap not only empowers crypto users but also offers an enticing affiliate program with referral commissions soaring up to 30%.

Bitsgap’s Affiliate Program Highlights:

Up to 30% CommissionsEarn generous commissions of up to 30% on all purchases made by your referrals, providing a lucrative incentive for affiliates.
30-Day Cookie LifetimeEnjoy the peace of mind with a 30-day cookie lifetime, ensuring that every referral is rightfully attributed to your account.
Simple RegistrationJoin over 2,000 satisfied partners by simply signing up for the program and obtaining your unique affiliate link.
No Trading RequirementNo need to start trading to be part of the program; just share your link with friends or a wider audience to start earning.
Transparent Earnings ViewGain clarity on your potential earnings with a transparent view of your income within the Bitsgap affiliate program.
Unique Cookie FeatureBenefit from a unique cookie feature that secures your referrals, even if they return to register without using your link.
Referral IncentivesEncourage your referrals with a 7-day free trial of the PRO plan, enticing them to explore and continue using Bitsgap.
Minimum Payout of €25Receive payments in USDT, calculated in euros based on the current exchange rate, with a minimum payout threshold of €25.

Bitsgap’s affiliate program is designed for simplicity and efficiency. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or just starting, Bitsgap welcomes you to participate in a program that pays affiliates in USDT. The minimum payout threshold is €25, ensuring that you can easily access your earnings.

The unique 30-day cookie feature distinguishes Bitsgap, guaranteeing that all your referrals are duly credited to your account, even if they return to register without using your affiliate link. This extended cookie lifetime enhances the chances of securing your referral, providing a significant advantage.

10. Changelly


Changelly, a non-custodial platform trusted by over 3 million users since its inception in 2015. Known for its stellar market rates, Changelly provides an exceptional user experience, with exclusive discounts offered through its dedicated app. The platform has also forged partnerships with top-notch crypto wallets, including the esteemed Ledger, enhancing its reputation among Bitcoin users.

Changelly’s Affiliate Program Highlights:

Diverse Affiliate ProgramsChoose from various affiliate programs tailored for different audiences, catering to both private users and professionals.
RevShare ProgramIdeal for individuals, social media influencers, bloggers, and more, offering up to 50% in commissions on referrals making purchases.
On-Demand PaymentsReceive payments on demand, offering flexibility with a minimum payout of $30, delivered in USDT.
Customized ProgramsExplore specialized programs like CPA, CPI, and HYBRID, designed for PPC and SEO specialists, marketers, and webmasters.
Dedicated Affiliate ManagersBenefit from personalized support with dedicated affiliate managers to guide you through customized earning programs.

Changelly’s affiliate network stands out for its versatility, allowing users to select the program that best aligns with their preferences and expertise. The RevShare program caters to individuals and influencers, providing substantial commissions of up to 50% on referrals’ transactions.

Unlike fixed schedules, Changelly’s on-demand payment system offers flexibility, enabling affiliates to withdraw earnings whenever they reach the minimum threshold of $30, all delivered in USDT.

11. Trezor — Earn 12%–15% From Every Referred Sale


Trezor, the renowned hardware wallet that prioritizes safety over everything. What sets Trezor apart is not just its cutting-edge technology but also its lucrative partner program, allowing affiliates to earn between 12% and 15% from every referred sale.

Trezor’s Partner Program Highlights:

Hardware Wallet SalesEarn substantial commissions, ranging from 12% to 15%, every time your referral purchases a Trezor hardware wallet.
Net Sale CalculationCommissions are calculated based on the net sale amount, excluding shipping costs and VAT.
Regular PayoutsEnjoy regular payouts through wire transfer in euros or receive payments in Bitcoin directly to your wallet.
Trusted Choice in the MarketTrezor, alongside Ledger, dominates the crypto hardware wallet market, boasting over a million satisfied customers.
Performance TrackingEasily monitor your earnings and performance through a dedicated dashboard, ensuring transparency and convenience.
Variety of Promotional MaterialsAccess a range of promotional materials provided by Trezor to enhance your marketing efforts and boost sales.

Unlike traditional affiliate programs tied to fees, Trezor’s uniqueness lies in rewarding affiliates with a percentage of every hardware wallet sale. With commissions ranging from 12% to 15%, this program surpasses competitors and aligns with Trezor’s position as a market leader.

Payments are processed regularly, offering flexibility with options for wire transfers in euros or direct Bitcoin transfers to your wallet. Trezor’s simple yet effective affiliate program ensures a seamless experience, coupled with the trust and popularity the brand enjoys in the crypto hardware wallet space.

12. Paybis — Commissions up to 20%


Paybis, an international exchange renowned for its low commissions and unwavering 24/7 support. Designed to cater to affiliates with a global reach, Paybis operates in over 180 countries and 48 US states, making it an ideal choice for those targeting diverse audiences.

Paybis Affiliate Program Highlights:

Lifetime CommissionsEarn a lucrative 20% in commissions on every purchase your referral makes, ensuring a continuous revenue stream as long as the referral remains active.
Global PresenceWith operations in 180+ countries and 48 US states, Paybis offers affiliates access to a vast and diverse audience globally.
Negotiable CommissionsLarger partners and enterprises can negotiate larger commissions with Paybis, presenting an opportunity for substantial earnings for affiliates with significant followings.
Flexible Payment OptionsChoose between fiat bank transfers or crypto payments in Bitcoin, offering flexibility in how you receive your earnings.
Monthly Payments with $50 MinimumEnjoy monthly payments, with a reasonable $50 minimum threshold, ensuring affiliates can access their earnings regularly.
Automated Invoicing SystemStreamline your payment process with an automated invoicing system, allowing you to receive funds automatically and efficiently.
Analytics and Dedicated SupportGain insights through comprehensive reports and analytics, backed by a dedicated account manager available at all times for clarity and support.

Paybis distinguishes itself by offering affiliates a generous 20% in lifetime commissions, setting it apart in the crypto affiliate landscape. With a global presence, affiliates can tap into diverse markets, maximizing their earning potential.

For those aiming for more substantial commissions, Paybis welcomes negotiations with larger partners and enterprises, recognizing the value of impactful partnerships.

Affiliates benefit from flexible payment options, choosing between fiat bank transfers and Bitcoin payments. Monthly payments, coupled with an automated invoicing system, provide a seamless and efficient experience.

13. OKX


OKX, renowned for its widespread popularity attributed to its low fees. While U.S. users may not have access, OKX remains an attractive choice for those seeking a platform to buy, stake, and trade an extensive range of currencies.

Key Attributes of OKX:

Rating4.3/5 stars
Trading Fees0.10% to 15%
Account Minimum$100
Tradable Coins350+

OKX Highlights:

  • Efficiency and Trustworthiness: OKX stands out as the fastest and most reliable cryptocurrency trading app, ensuring users a seamless and secure trading experience.
  • Extensive Token Offering: With the ability to sell over 300 crypto tokens, OKX provides users with a diverse and comprehensive array of trading options.
  • Global Affiliation Support: The OKX affiliate program extends its support to around 100 local currencies, enhancing accessibility for affiliates across the globe.

OKX’s commitment to efficiency, trustworthiness, and a diverse token offering makes it a preferred choice for crypto enthusiasts. While users in the U.S. may need to explore alternative options, OKX remains a stronghold for those in search of a cryptocurrency exchange with a global perspective.

14. eToro

Optional – Set Up the eToro Wallet App

eToro, where you can captivate traders with a state-of-the-art, all-in-one online trading platform. Elevate your affiliate marketing game by leveraging powerful promotional tools, streamlined tracking mechanisms, and unwavering support from our seasoned affiliate managers.

eToro Affiliate Program Highlights:

CommissionBased on Cost Per Action (CPA)
Minimum Payment$500

Exceptional Features:

  • Comprehensive Training Material: eToro goes the extra mile by providing affiliate partners with valuable training resources, ensuring you are well-equipped to maximize your earning potential.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Support: Every affiliate is paired with a personal Affiliates and IB Manager, offering personalized guidance and mentorship throughout your affiliate journey.
  • Efficient Tracking Mechanism: Stay in control of your earnings with efficient tracking tools, allowing you to assess your overall performance and optimize your strategies.

15. Kraken


Kraken, a premier cryptocurrency exchange celebrated among altcoin enthusiasts and individuals with advanced trading strategies. Kraken’s affiliate program is gaining prominence in the dynamic landscape of affiliate marketing, and there are compelling reasons behind its soaring popularity.

One key factor contributing to Kraken’s acclaim is its combination of low fees and robust security measures, with the majority of assets securely stored offline. This dual advantage not only attracts traders but also makes Kraken an appealing choice for affiliate marketers.

Kraken Affiliate Program Highlights:

Key FeaturesDetails
Generous Commission StructureKraken offers affiliate partners an enticing 20% commission for the entire lifetime of the referral. This stands out from the industry norm, where many exchanges limit the commission period to the first 90 days.
Lifetime Commissions with a LimitWhile the “lifetime” commissions are a standout feature, it’s essential to note that there is a $1,000 commission cap per referral, adding a unique dimension to the earning potential.

Why Choose to Promote Kraken:

  • Decade-Long Market Presence: With nearly a decade of experience, Kraken brings longevity to the table, instilling confidence in both traders and affiliate partners.
  • Industry-Standard Commission Rate: Kraken’s commission rate aligns with industry standards, providing a fair and competitive earning opportunity for affiliates.
  • Lifetime Commissions Deal: While subject to a $1,000 cap, the lifetime commissions offer a continuous stream of earnings for each referred customer.

Affiliate Program Details:

CommissionCookie DurationPayment MethodsProducts
20%180 daysBank transferCryptocurrencies

Are Crypto Exchange Affiliate Programs Worth It?

Determining the value of engaging in a crypto affiliate program is crucial, considering the potential rewards and time investment. The beauty lies in the fact that these programs are generally time-intensive rather than budget-intensive, as they’re mostly free unless you opt for paid campaigns.

You have the flexibility to promote a crypto platform through various channels without incurring costs. This accessibility makes crypto affiliate programs suitable for influencers, marketers, YouTubers, and those with a substantial following, leading to broader audience reach and increased referrals.

Here are key benefits to help you decide:

1. Limitless Passive Income: Earn for every referral and their subsequent purchases, providing a potentially unlimited income stream.

2. Enhanced Visibility: Participation in an affiliate program expands your audience, offering opportunities to market your own services or products.

3. Relationship Building: Seeking referrals for the crypto platform can lead to valuable connections, presenting diverse benefits shaped by unique relationships.

How Much Can You Earn From Crypto Affiliate Marketing?

The question of how much you can earn from crypto affiliate marketing lacks a fixed numerical answer; instead, the earning potential is boundless. Your success hinges on your ability to attract and engage active users for the crypto platform.

In the majority of crypto affiliate programs, you earn commissions from the fees paid by your referrals for each trade. Each trade contributes a small amount to your earnings, and the cumulative total per day or month is directly tied to the number of referrals and their trading activity. More referrals and increased trading activity equate to higher earnings.

The cryptocurrency market’s inherent volatility introduces an additional layer to your potential earnings. During bullish periods, your earnings stand to soar, while bear markets may see a dip. The strategic approach involves capitalizing on peak market conditions to maximize returns from your crypto commission earnings

How to Pick the Best Crypto Affiliate Program for You

When navigating the realm of crypto affiliate programs, choosing the right one involves careful consideration of key factors. The decision-making process revolves around evaluating these factors and opting for a program that aligns with your specific criteria. Let’s delve into the crucial features to weigh in this selection process.

Commission Rates

Commissions constitute the cornerstone of any affiliate program, ranging from modest 10% to lucrative 50%. Notably, top-rated programs such as Eightcap offer an enticing 50%, while others like Coinmama set a limit at 30%.

Commission Terms

Beyond the commission percentage, understanding the terms is vital. Some platforms, like Binance, grant the full 50% after referring over 500 traders. In contrast, Coinbase provides 50% only for the initial three months. Consider programs offering lower rates but ensuring long-term payouts based on the referral’s activity.


While high commissions are appealing, they lose significance without a trustworthy crypto business. Opt for affiliate programs affiliated with reputable companies, ensuring legitimacy and reliability, as recommended in this guide.


Scrutinize the payment mechanisms, whether in crypto, fiat, or both, and explore the available options. Be aware of program-specific thresholds and payment intervals. Some programs may have certain criteria that need to be met before disbursement. Ensure the payment structure aligns with your preferences and requirements.

Conclusion – Best Crypto Affiliate Programs

The finest crypto affiliate programs present an excellent opportunity to generate substantial passive income by promoting the platform’s online services. Commissions, often reaching up to 50%, are typically based on the trading fees paid by your referrals in the crypto market.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top programs currently available, simplifying your decision-making process. For those seeking a standout choice, consider our top recommendation, Eightcap.

As a robust CFD trading platform, Eightcap offers a remarkable 50% commission rate with a 40% conversion rate. This means that employing effective promotional tactics is likely to yield a substantial number of referrals. Make an informed choice and embark on your crypto affiliate journey today

FAQs – Best Crypto Affiliate Programs

Is crypto good for affiliate marketing?

Indeed, crypto affiliate marketing is often lucrative. The potential for steady income exists, especially with reputable crypto affiliate networks. As the crypto niche continues to expand, new opportunities emerge, and commissions are generally higher compared to other affiliate programs.

How much do crypto affiliates make?

The earnings of a crypto affiliate are influenced by factors such as the chosen affiliate program, commission rates, and the quantity of referred users. Earnings typically range from a few dollars monthly to several thousand, offering a variable income potential for affiliates.

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