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Wearing a Butt Plug to Work

Believe it or not, wearing a butt plug to work is quite common among people who enjoy anal stimulation. In addition, those folks have various reasons for doing so. For instance, someone may wear an anal plug to work because it is sexually arousing, they are anal training to prepare for back-door penetration or they may have been ordered to wear a butt plug by their BDSM partner. Butt plug, butt plug, who’s wearing the butt plug?

However, is it safe to wear a butt plug to work? And if you choose to attempt wearing a butt plug to work, is there anything you need to know? I am going to answer those questions, give you product suggestions and touch on health and safety tips. So, if you’ve ever considered wearing an anal plug to work or just around the house, read on for the lowdown.

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Why Wear a Butt Plug to Work?


Are you wondering, why wear a butt plug to work? I get it! Not all of us are receptive when it comes to anal stimulation and the thought of having something in our rears all day may sound uncomfortable. However, those who do enjoy anal play have reasons as to why they love wearing a butt plug to work.

A great example is “Robert”, a Quora regular who has been “happily plugged since 2017” and has worked his way up to wearing pretty impressively sized anal plugs over the years. He simply loves the way butt plugs feel. So, here are 3 reasons why people, like Robert, enjoy wearing butt plugs to work:

BDSM and Anal Plug Wearing

Those who are into BDSM are sometimes ordered to wear a butt plug for an expended period of time – with some pretty strong repercussions if they don’t follow through. This is oftentimes done for purposes of control and submission, humiliation and sexual arousal. And those who practice BDSM as a submissive love the feeling of humiliation while relinquishing control of their sexual selves to another person. That play also often involves sex swings, bondage kits, spreader bars, BDSM whips, spanking paddles, sex bed straps, ball gags, floggers, or electro sex toys.

Wearing Butt Plugs for Anal Training

Anal training is a simple and effective way to prepare for anal sex. Whether you’re a gay, straight or bisexual male or female or a non-binary person, using butt plugs to learn to relax your sphincter is quite common, as I have covered extensively in a previous blog. Therefore, anal training is another reason why someone would practice wearing a butt plug to work.

Wearing Anal Plugs and Sexual Arousal


Another reason why someone would wear a butt plug to work is for the obvious reason; it is sexually arousing. For instance, this anonymous butt plug wearer loves the naughty feeling his secret gives him:

“It felt pretty cool, and quite sexy to have a plugged ass whilst meeting clients and senior partners, and imagining to myself how they’d react if they knew!”

In addition to the naughty little secret of wearing a butt plug to work, the movement of the sex toy, as you move around, can stimulate the male prostate gland, creating delicious sexual stimulation all day long. The same goes for females that find anal play tingly and arousing. Lisa has got wearing a butt plug to work down to a science!

“I choose to wear a skirt because I think it hides the butt plug much better. I love to have the really big and long and thick ones in. I love the deep penetration feeling. I am always afraid of toys slipping out so I wear tight panties, Spanx and sometimes pantyhose if I’m really stuffing myself that day. Don’t need anyone to see a toy slip lol.”

Is it Bad to Wear a Butt Plug for Long Periods?


There are many people that wear butt plugs for long periods of time, seemingly with no ill effects. However, just because many people do it and claim to have no health problems, doesn’t mean it’s okay for everyone.

On the contrary, wearing anal plugs for long periods of time can be dangerous according to Dr. George Forgan-Smith, a gay Melbourne, Australian kink-and-BDSM-friendly doctor better known as “The Healthy Bear”.

Dr, Forgan-Smith explains, in this YouTube video, that wearing an anal plug for longer than 20-30 minutes slows the blood flow in the rectum due to the constant stretching of the sphincter. As a result, long-term butt plug wearers can suffer from ulcerations of the anus and rectum.

And, since the first few inches inside the rectum have no pain receptors, wearing a butt plug to work, for many hours, can cause damage without you feeling it. So, it may be wise to think this through beforehand, or, find a butt plug that has a smaller neck.

I have some great product suggestions coming up.


In the end, the answer is yes, it can be bad to wear butt plugs for long periods of time. So, you must be cautious, be mindful of pain and any sores that may develop. Or, find a safer anal plug if you want to wear a butt plug to work or around the house.

Wearing and Anal Plug to Work: The Pros and Cons

Has the curiosity and desire for hours-long anal enjoyment have you ready to plug your backside? Let’s go over the pros and cons of wearing a butt plug to work along with a few real-world quotes from more plug wearers. Hopefully, it will give you a more thorough insight into this secret pleasure.

The Pros of Work Place Butt Plug Wearing

  • The naughty secret is sexually arousing.
  • Assists in anal training for penetrative sex later.
  • A longer butt plug can offer all-day prostate stimulation for men.
  • This type of sex toy is small, discreet and easy to hide.
  • After a while, most people forget it’s there because they are busy all day.
  • Adds a humiliation and control aspect for BDSM or couple’s play.

Rebecca had this to say when asked about the positives of wearing a butt plug to work:

“I have done this quite a few times and I love it. I live being plugged anyway and to do it in a place of work makes me feel extremely submissive and humiliated. I find myself blushing all day because I think people know I’m up to something naughty.”

The Cons of Wearing a Butt Plug at Work

  • Sitting on a butt plug can sometimes be uncomfortable.
  • Some people may experience anal leakage.
  • The anal plug can fall out.
  • Lack of blood flow due to a stretched sphincter can cause ulcerations.

Mike has experienced a bit of a leakage problem while wearing a butt plug to work:

“Further I noticed that after several hours wearing I kind of start ‘leaking’. I got some wet stains in my underwear and had to use toilet paper like a panty liner. But walking around I was constantly afraid the toilet paper would fall out my pants”

Tips for Butt Plug Wearers


If you are ready to dive in butt-first to anal plug wearing, having the most comfortable sex toy is important. Additionally, to prevent ulcerations of the rectum, it’s a good idea to find an anal plug with a smaller neck. But first, always follow these crucial tips.

The most important things to remember when choosing a butt plug are that they are made of silicone or another non-porous material so they can be cleaned and sterilized easily. Next, anal toys should never be shared as bacteria and viruses can be transferred between users.

Plus, never, ever use a toy in the anus and vagina both as it can cause severe urinary tract infections and bacterial vaginosis.

Finally, a good anal plug must have a wide base to keep it from migrating up into your rectum.

The Best Anal Plugs

The Charlie Horse Kidney

Dr. Forgan-Smith highly recommends Square Peg for all of your anal plug needs and I can see why. They are hand-crafted from platinum silicone and molded by hand. Best yet, their sex toys and anal plugs have been inspired by users so you get a product that is very unique.

For example, The Charlie Horse Kidney is created specifically for long-term wearers and is designed to hide between the cheeks. It provides prostate stimulation and comes in 3 levels of firmness.

Plus, it’s part of Square Peg’s Shop@Home Program where you can order from home, receive your plug in a clear, safety shipping bag and feel the product before deciding to keep it. If it’s not all you imagined, simply keep the bag sealed and ship it back for a refund.

Square Peg has a plethora of wonderful anal toys including puppy tails and butt plugs as well as beautiful dildos and varieties molded from some pretty impressive penises.


And for those of you concerned about the possible dangers of long-term butt plug wearing, the good doctor has that covered too! The World’s Most Comfortable Butt Plug is created with a weighted, platinum silicone body and includes a safe, flared base and a skinny neck. They come in all sizes and are the safest option if you are wearing a butt plug to work.

Are You Ready to Get Plugged?

Are you ready to get plugged and start a naughty adventure in wearing a butt plug to work? If so, I hope you found the information, tips and tricks you need to make your new hobby a success. And, for those butt-curious folks, you now have the basics for anal plug play. Don’t forget to share my blog with your sexually curious friends.

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