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How to Put on a Chastity Cage

I am going to show you how to put on a chastity cage in 3 easy steps, using 2 methods; the regular method and the modified stocking method. And I will do so using a photo tutorial to make it easy to follow. However, don’t expect to see a real human penis in my photographs as I don’t own one and my daughter’s boyfriend won’t loan his – can’t say I blame him.

Therefore, I will be using Limpy, my hand-sculpted, clay rendition of a human penis. And although I am no Michelangelo, it doesn’t look too bad, if I do say so myself.

In addition, I have written and quick guide about male chastity cages that answers those burning questions “What is a chastity cage?”, “Why would someone wear a cock cage?” and descriptions of various types of chastity cages, safety and consent and more. So, click here if you want to skip ahead before learning how to put on a cock cage.

Otherwise, let’s get started!

Not a owner of a chastity cage just yet? Find the best cock cage for you here. You can also find the best bird cage chastisty cages made in steel or female chastity belts.

How to Put on a Male Chastity Cage in 3 Easy Steps


#1 Lube Up and Slip on the Ring

Use any personal lubricant and lightly apply to your entire flaccid penis – you cannot put on a chastity cage if you have an erection – and testicles. Slip the ring over your penis and behind your scrotum, so the ring is against your body.

#2 Place Your Penis Inside the Cock Cage

Place the cage over your limp penis, making sure the locking pins and holes line up. If properly fitted, the cage should not be too tight. You should have a little bit of room, all the way around, without enough space to get an erection. Then, with the pins on the ring aligned with the holes on the cage, connect them.

#3 Lock the Chastity Cage

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How to Put on a Chastity Cage Using the Modified Stocking Method

Sometimes men may encounter a problem when putting on a cock cage; their penis just won’t go all the way into the tip of the cage. This can be troublesome as your penis needs to be close to the urine opening in order to relieve yourself without making a mess or pee pooling in some tips of cages.

Therefore, someone came up with the stocking method which easily pulls the shaft and glans to the bottom of the cage without having to do so using your fingers, a tool or utensils. However, since some guys had a problem with the stocking sticking to the penis and causing the foreskin to gather at their glans, someone came up with the modified stocking method, which minimizes that friction.

So, this is how to put on a chastity cage using the modified stocking method:

#1 Fold the Stocking


Using a single, knee-high stocking for women – or thigh-high stocking or panty hose cut to the size of a men’s over-the-calf sock – fold the cuff of the stocking down until it is even with the toe.

#2 Slide the Stocking Over Your Penis

Place the folded stocking over the head and shaft of your penis

#3 Thread the Stocking Through the End of the Cock Cage

After sliding the ring over the base of your penis and your testicles then putting the cage over your penis, pull both the toe and cuff of the stocking through either the urine hole or lower opening of the cage. Now, lock the chastity cage.

#4 Pull the Stocking Out



Once the cage is locked, gently pull the toe of the stocking. This will pull the head of your penis toward the bottom of the cock cage and cause less friction as the stocking slides against itself. Once you are comfortably where you want to be, pull the toe and cuff together to remove it from the cage.

A Quick Guide to Male Chastity Cages

The subject of how to put on a male chastity cage has been on my to-do list for a while now. But, thanks to an email from a lovely reader, whom I will call A, I pushed this to the top of the list and decided to add a quick guide to chastity cages.

You see, “A” wrote to me with a little problem; her husband masturbates, A LOT. In fact, he pleasures himself enough that it has put a damper on their sex life.

Personally, I encourage masturbation for both men and women as it is a great stress reliever, it’s healthy and we don’t have to concern ourselves with foreplay or another person’s satisfaction. However, masturbation becomes a problem within a relationship when it takes sex away from your partner.

But A asked about a spanking-the-monkey solution she has fantasized about trying with her husband; a chastity cage.

And although I usually suggest offering quickies over the bathroom sink, hand jobs and oral sex, the cock cage route will kill 2 birds with one stone. First, it will keep hubby’s hands off his penis and second, it will satisfy one of A’s secret sexual desires; to have total control over her husband’s sexual behavior and pleasure.

So, thank you for the inspiration A, this blog was inspired by you. <3

Lock box for a chastity cage key

Before we dive into all of the tips, tricks and details of male chastity cages, I must cover the most important aspects of wearing – or acting as key holder of – a chastity cage. Those who regularly partake in BDSM culture use what they call SSSC: Safe, Sane, Sober, Consensual. And this applies to using male chastity cages too.

Of course, it’s common sense not to practice BDSM with someone who is not of sane mind as well as not agreeing to anything when you are under the influence.

We have all had shameful, drunk sexual encounters we’d rather forget.

Therefore, the most important aspects of cock cage usage are safety and consent; both of equal importance.

First and foremost, be 100% sure that you consent to being placed into a male chastity device and to any rules the key holder may have. And as a key holder, you must not coerce or otherwise force someone into wearing a chastity device. Consent is about control over one’s self, body and decisions as well as love and trust.

Without those things present, wearing a cock cage or asking someone to do so is not acceptable. That includes ultimatums.


If after consent is agreed upon, it’s then important to set safety parameters. Basically, what to do if the cock cage wearer has an emergency reason that necessitates the immediate removal of the chastity device. For example, if the device wearer is in an accident and needs medical treatment, X-rays, MRI etc., there should be a way for them to be released immediately.

So, if this arrangement is simply fantasy play between a consenting couple, allow the cage wearer to carry a key. However, in cases of BDSM play, there should be a safe word that the wearer can submit to their partner that allows them to unlock or otherwise have access to a key, depending on the type of chastity cage that is being used.

Therefore, sitting down and planning out a safe word and how the cage wearer can access the key, in case of emergency, is crucial before the chastity device is put on.

Exactly What is a Male Chastity Cage?

A male chastity cage, also known as a cock cage, is a device worn over the penis and locked in place so it cannot be removed without a key or code. The cage fits the penis in its flaccid state with little room in length and width. Thus, the entire idea behind a male chastity device is to prevent full erections, masturbation and any type of oral or penetrative sex.

Why Would Someone Wear a Chastity Cage?

Chastity cages are used regularly in BDSM as a form of submission and control over the ability to achieve an erection, masturbate or have sex by the dominant person in the relationship. Some couples may try using a cock cage to fulfill a fantasy or to keep a cheating partner in line. But I think this quote from Vice writers Zak Krevitt Thomas McCarty, said it best:

“While the thought of this makes most men cringe, it makes others whimper with excitement. Being caged can be extremely exciting and fulfilling. Some people say orgasm denial increases your sex drive and improves your focus.”

So, whatever the reason one chooses to wear a cock cage, it’s something they want to do and therefore derive pleasure from that act of trust and submission.

What’s it Like to Wear a Cock Cage?

Honestly, I cannot answer this question as I am not a penis owner nor have I been a keyholder – although locking my ex’s penis in a cage would have brought me mountains of pleasure for other reasons.

However, from everything that I have read, those in BDSM relationships are committed to being submissive and enjoy having that control thrust upon them. And they enjoy how the steel feels against their skin as well as the uncomfortable feeling of the cage denying their morning wood.

In addition, some men have locked up their penises in order to show their wife or girlfriend they are completely committed to staying faithful and saving their relationship. Like this guy from Quora:

“I was a compulsive masturbator and my wife threatened to leave me. I offered to wear a chastity device and at first, she scoffed at the idea. But after mulling it over for a couple weeks, she suggested we enter into a sexless marriage for a trial period of 2 years during which time I would wear a chastity device 24/7.

 She would keep the key. As she traveled a lot with her work, her mother kept the other key [but didn’t know what it was for.]

Wearing the device brought my masturbation habit to an end cold turkey. It was horrible at first but I grew to accept it. By the time the 2 years were nearly up, I told her I would like it to be permanent.”

Others submit to male chastity devices in order to stop all sexual thoughts and acts, rendering their penises shrunken and useless. They actually thrust that control upon themselves willingly. And, still others just lock up their penises to see what it’s like.

For example, Huffpost writer Brain Moylan documented his days caged and put a hilarious spin on his experience in this online article. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe! Next time, Brian should definitely consider an open-sided cock cage for sure!

Can You Remove a Male Chastity Cage?

Okay, you may be reading this and asking, “Can you remove a chastity cage?” Well, if it has a cheap lock, sure! Furthermore, if it’s a male chastity device made of leather or silicone, absolutely. However, depending on the circumstances as to why you are wearing a cock cage, you may not want to remove it due to the repercussions from the key holder.

However, if you decide to take bolt cutters, scissors and any sharp objects near your caged penis, proceed with caution!

Does Wearing a Chastity Cage Hurt?

If you’re considering trying a male chastity cage, you may be wondering, “Does wearing a chastity cage hurt?” The simple answer is no, it shouldn’t hurt, unless that is your BDSM goal. Properly fitted cock cages leave room for your penis to breathe without chafing or pinching.

Therefore, it’s important to get the right ring and cage size so wearing the chastity device won’t hurt.

Will a Chastity Cage Make My Penis Smaller?

This is a question that I have run across several times when researching this article. And although there have been no studies, that I can find, a long-time chastity cage wearer may lose some length and girth due to not using the penis – just as other muscles lose tone when not exercised regularly. However, once the penis is freed and allowed to be erect regularly, they are restored to their original size, shape and function.

Types of Male Chastity Cages

Male chastity cages come in all shapes, sizes colors and materials. In fact, skilled salespeople from Etsy have come up with hand-crafted cock cages made personally and with the help of 3-D printers. But before deciding to lock up your penis, you may want to choose the right type of cage for you.

Most male chastity devices are made from the following materials:

  • Steel chastity cage
  • Silicone
  • Leather
  • Plastic

Now, aside from materials, the following shows the various types of cock cages that can be worn. However, it’s not, by any means, a complete list. The reason for this is that I am not adding male chastity devices that are used for hardcore BDSM locking.

This type of cage involves a steel piece and tube that is placed in the penile urethra to promote pain, dilation and urination via catheter. Ouch! But if that is what you enjoy personally, I’m sure you can easily find the type of cage you’re looking for.

Open-Ended Male Chastity Cages

This type of penis cage encompasses the entire shaft of the penis but features an open end that exposes the head of the penis. This allows for easy urination as well as some degree of sexual teasing.

Cage or Ring-Type Cock Cages

Cage or ring-type chastity cages are created with steel rings or a cage that the penis slips into. The open-sided design allows air to circulate around the penis, discouraging sweating, condensation and chafing. They also allow for easy cleansing and increased access to the entire penis for teasing.

Partially Closed Male Chastity Cages

This type of male chastity cage is usually made of plastic and is enclosed entirely except for ventilation at the top as well as an opening at the bottom of the tube to allow the wearer to use the bathroom.

Completely Closed Male Chastity Devices

This type of male chastity device is reserved for the hard-core BDSM lovers. It completely covers the entire penis with no opening for urination. Although this type of cage is not recommended for long-term use, in the presence of the keyholder, it further allows domination as the wearer has to ask permission to relieve himself.

Electro Stimulation Cock Cages

A more serious variety of cock cage is one that adds a small electrical shock to the penis and testicles. The keyholder applies these small shocks by using the included remote control.

Internet Connected Chastity Devices for Men

To add some serious tech to the male chastity cage, some have turned to the variety that can be controlled with a phone app. This eliminates the need for physical keys and allows the dominant partner to have long-distance control over their submissive. However, there are dangers to using this type of cock cage.

First, once a predetermined lock time is set, for instance 108 hours, it cannot be changed, even for emergencies. Furthermore, people have been able to hack into the system and hold men’s dicks for ransom!  This article reports the sheer panic some men felt when told the had to pay up $750 to have their penises freed.

Some things, in my opinion, are better left to the old school ways!

Proper Chastity Cage Fitting

As mentioned above, proper chastity cage fitting is crucial so that the wearer is comfortable and avoids chafing, pinching and losing that all-important blood flow. So, in order to find the right fit, you should follow these tips:

  • Look for male chastity cages that display the measurements and sizes of their devices.
  • First, measure around your testicles and penis base together, using a soft, measuring tape to see what size ring will accommodate you comfortably without sliding off or cutting off your circulation.
  • Next, measure the length of your penis from the base to the glans while you are flaccid.
  • Finally, choose the proper size ring and matching cage size.

Remember, you should allow a little space in the cock cage without enough room to achieve an erection. Cozy but not tight!

Caging Your Cock; Is a Chastity Cage Right for You?

Whether you are dipping your toes into the BDSM waters or are considering trying a male chastity device for other reasons, hopefully this article has helped you in making an informed decision. And, if you were simply here to learn how to put on a chastity cage, good luck and Godspeed! Hope you are now locked up tight and enjoying your sexual deprivation.

Thanks again to my lovely reader A and her questions about male chastity devices. Here’s wishing you a fantasy fulfilled and a less hands-on hubby.

And, if any of you have a sexual question you need answered, click the link and email me. I may be inspired to write a blog for you and I’m happy to correspond with you privately.

Finally, please share my blog with your sexually curious friends and follow me on Facebook for extra content and Twitter to see my tweets and shares of some amazing sex toy products

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