Crimson Punch Sundown Mushroom — Check & Assessment

I am over here screaming 5 out of 5! Why? Because it’s about time a sex toy company came up with a sex toy that’s not “icky” and is cute, discreet, hip and easy to use for BEGINNERS. I am all-in when it comes to introducing young women to self-pleasure and getting to know their bodies. That is because it sets them up for positive body image and sexual confidence in the future. The Crimson Punch Sundown Mushroom Vibrator is so well done, easy to use and cute beyond words, that I am thrilled to own one! I’m sure you’ll want one too, no matter what your age or experience level.

About The Crimson Punch Sundown Mushroom Vibrator

Finally, an appropriate, adorable and perfect first vibrator! The Sunset Mushroom Vibrator, by Pink Punch is an easy-to-use, discreet and travel-friendly clitoral vibrator or g-spot stimulator that makes a perfect first vibe. Or it’s a great addition to any sex toy collection. It’s over-the-top-adorable, comes with a charging pod for travel and doesn’t look like a sex toy in any way, shape or form. Plus, they’ll be adding more products to the Pink Punch Planet soon. Finally, it’s not scary or intimidating nor it is embarrassing. Hence, the perfect first vibrator.


  • ✅Features charging pod/storage case
  • ✅Very discreet
  • ✅Perfect for beginners
  • ✅Easy-to-use app for Bluetooth connectivity, operation and sharing
  • ✅Looks and feels amazing


  • ❌May be too cutesy for some
  • ❌Strong, buzzy vibration
  • ❌Marketing may be a turn-off to prudish parents
  • ❌Not flexible

My Experience With Crimson Punch Sundown Mushroom Vibrator


OMG! Those were the first words out of my mouth when asked to review the Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator. After all, the website is beyond cute and the product looked fun. So, yes, of course, I’d be thrilled to review it!

The Pink Punch Planet

The Sunset Mushroom Vibrator left the planet of Pink Punch in search of dopamine, the thing that keeps their planet alive. These adorable and powerful little vibrators are marketed as first sex toys. Hence, they are extremely appealing to young women just exploring their bodies and sexuality. With a Cyberpunk designed app that allows text, chat and control over these little vibrators remotely, the Sunset Mushroom Vibrator is bursting onto the sex toy scene as the only vibrator specifically for newbies. However, this expert sex toy user is in love with this exciting and adorable little toy!

The Best First Vibrator or 50th!

When this little cutie arrived, it was like opening a Christmas gift, with surprises around every corner. First, the packaging is collectible, artistic, sturdy and displayable. So, I slid the top off the box, removed the printed ribbon and was greeted by an embossed, black envelope. Then,  inside I discovered a packet of adorable stickers and a fold-out manual featuring all the info I needed to get started. Next, I discovered the charging pod, aka: the space capsule. I opened it to reveal the Sunset Mushroom Vibrator, nestled in an adorably designed case along with a safety strap that is also too cute for words. Yes, I squealed, like a teenage girl. That’s how cute this little vibrator is! Finally, I took the package to my 24-year-old daughter and she was equally as excited over the Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator.

Tiny Little Powerhouse

The Sunset Mushroom Vibrator is beautifully made with an opaque layer of silicone coating the silicone center. It’s firm, yet so luxuriously smooth, it feels amazing against the body. Plus, it’s not only perfect for clitoral stimulation, it’s great for knotted muscles and other targeted stimulation. And because it’s curved and comes with a safety strap, this little vibe treats the g-spot to some serious thrills. With 3 speeds and 5 patterns of vibration, it possesses a great range of rumble and buzz. Plus, it’s simple to use with a single button on the bottom of the ‘Shroom’s stem. But that’s not all….

Joining the Pink Punch Planet

I then downloaded the Pink Punch app and found that you can operate the Sunset Mushroom Vibrator via Bluetooth connection. And it allows you to move seamlessly through each speed and pattern, with a simple swipe up, down, left and right. In addition, you can send out invitations to friends and lovers so they can take control over your pleasure from anywhere in the world. Plus, apparently, there are more planetary sex toy characters coming that can be controlled by the app.

Cuteness Overload and Discreet Everything

Finally, the Sunset Mushroom doesn’t look like a sex toy at all. And the charging pod not only travels easily, it looks like something you’d charge ear buds or some other non-descript item. Trust me, no one will ever know this is a clit thrilling, g-spot stimulating, orgasm inducing sex toy nestled within its charging unit and tucked in your purse, backpack or overnight bag. It’s simple tech at it’s finest and so incredibly adorable, every child-at-heart will want one….I don’t care if you’re buying your very first vibrator or your 50th! It’s worth the price and then some! I love my little Mushy (its name) so much!

Website and Special Code

Since Pink Punch is not one of our affiliate partners, you can visit the Pink Punch Planter website by clicking here. Furthermore, here’s a discount code specifically for BedBible readers. That way, you get some money off your order! Just type in EC20 when you order!




The Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator is the cutest, hippest and most discreet vibrator I have ever seen. It’s designed for targeted clitoral stimulation with an ergonomic shape that’s easy to hold. Also, this cutie features a bit of texture on top to add a little more to the vibrational sensations. And last, but not least, it includes a clip-on cord with an adorable heart-shaped loop on the end, which allows for internal stimulation – think g-spot or p-spot. Plus, the Sunset Mushroom is nice and firm to deliver strong, intense vibrations where you want it most. Designed and marketed toward young people, this little vibrator is designed to be approachable. And Pink Punch hit that perfectly!

Ease of Use


The Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator is simple to use. Just long-press the bottom of the stem to turn the vibrator on and then press again to go through the speeds and patterns. Next, using this little gem internally is easy; simply clip the cord to the little hole on the stem and it holds tight. Then, when it’s time to recharge, you charge the Mushroom’s pod via USB cord and simply lay the mushroom inside for 4 full, wireless and discreet charges, at home or on the go. Finally, connecting the Mushroom to the app via Bluetooth, literally takes seconds and allows you to control the toy yourself. Or, have a friend or lover thrill you from wherever while using voice chat and messenger!



The Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator is beautifully molded with food grade silicone featuring a deliciously, silky and translucent coating that makes it almost glow. Plus, there are no chemical odors, whatsoever. The charging pod is ingenious, cute, sturdy and again, extremely discreet. And this little ‘shroom is whisper quiet, a teeny powerhouse and doesn’t overheat at all. I am impressed and in love!



This is usually where I get picky when it comes to sex toy reviews. However, I always say that spending extra on sex toys is a smart and healthy investment to make. Therefore, the Sunset Mushroom Vibrator by Pink Punch fits that bill and then some. Considering its all-around cuteness, smart and discreet charging pod and its simple, yet powerful design, the Sunset Mushroom is well worth the price! In addition, it’s one of the few products I will tell you to buy, now! There just aren’t many, if any, comparable products available! That is because the Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator is created specifically to be a first vibrator. Although, as an experienced sex toy owner, I am in love with this vibrator too. It’s discreet, not at all overwhelming and has a look that’s unobtrusive, cute and simple.



The Sunset Mushroom Vibrator by Pink Punch is a dynamic and powerful little vibrator with a little rumble and a whole lot of buzz. It covers the spectrum of stimulation with 3 speeds of vibration and 5 patterns. However, when you use the Pink Punch app, you can control the ‘Shroom speed with a swipe up or down and switch from one pattern to another with a quick left or right swipe. A charge lasts forever, it seems, and tucking your little Sunset Mushroom into its pod when you’re finished, automatically and quickly charges it for the next time you’re ready to play. Plus, the case keeps the vibrator clean and free of dust, dirt and pet hair.



Want to squeal before the vibrator even touches you? The second this adorable, little toy shows up in your mailbox and you open its outer packaging, you will be squealing over its cuteness and surprises throughout the packaging. You will want to keep the sturdy and discreet outer packaging because it’s just so cute, artistic and totally displayable. And inside, you’ll find your Sunset Mushroom Vibrator tucked safely in its charging pod which is secured in molded plastic. Plus, there’s a place to keep the charging cord. Best yet, there are all sorts of surprises inside the box including adorable stickers and an enamel pin. Finally, the packaging of the Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator hits all the marks with its targeted demographic as well as sex toy users of all ages and experience levels.

Materials and care


The Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator is made from quality, food-grade silicone, therefore is best used with a water-based lubricant to protect its silky-soft material. Cleaning is a breeze as this adorable little guy (or girl) is waterproof and submersible. So, the vibrator is easy to clean with soap and water. Or, if you prefer, invest in a silicon-friendly, sex toy cleanser. Finally, it stores easily and safely in its charging pod to keep it clean and hygienic. Everything about this toy is unique, effortless and simple to care for!

Special feature


The Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator has a couple of special features that make it more than just an adorable product. First, the charging pod, also known as the space capsule, is the item you charge and not the mushroom. Then you simply place the mushroom inside the pod for storage, and it charges. Therefore, you have easy, smart and cute charging pod and your Sunset Mushroom is 100% waterproof and submersible. Then, the Cyberpunk designed, Pink Punch app allows you to share the fun with a friend, anywhere on the planet! Additionally, you can control your toy with simple swipes; absolutely perfect for clipping on the safety strap and enjoying some g-spot play. Plus, with that invitation, you can enjoy voice conversation and messaging with your lover!

Specifications and features

Vibration speeds 3 
Vibration patterns 5 
Length 3 inches
Battery Life 1 hour minutes
Rechargeable Pod 
Materials Food grade silicone 

Comparing Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator with alternatives

Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator
Lelo Tiani 3
Womanizer OG
Satisfyer Pro Traveler
Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit Vibrator
Romp Flip
Overall score 4.0 / 5.0 4.2 / 5.0 3.1 / 5.0 4.9 / 5.0 4.8 / 5.0 3.8 / 5.0
Bedbible rating 5.0 / 5.0 4.0 / 5.0 2.5 / 5.0 4.9 / 5.0 5.0 / 5.0 3.7 / 5.0
User rating 3 / 5.0
from 1 users
4.4 / 5.0
from 405 users
3.8 / 5.0
from 132 users
4.9 / 5.0
from 1062 users
4.5 / 5.0
from 2621 users
3.9 / 5.0
from 71 users
Price Low High High Low Low Low
Design 100 / 100 75 / 100 75 / 100 100 / 100 100 / 100 80 / 100
Ease of use 100 / 100 55 / 100 75 / 100 90 / 100 90 / 100 87 / 100
Quality 100 / 100 100 / 100 100 / 100 100 / 100 80 / 100 80 / 100
Sound 20 / 100 40 / 100 20 / 100 40 / 100 80 / 100 40 / 100
Power 80 / 100 80 / 100 60 / 100 60 / 100 100 / 100 40 / 100
Buzzy/Rumbly somewhat rumbly somewhat rumbly neither really buzzy nor rumbly neither really buzzy nor rumbly very rumbly somewhat buzzy
Vibration speeds 3 Bunny Ears – 3 6
Vibration patterns 5 Bunny Ears – 7 4
Length 3 inches 6.25 inches 7 inches 4.2 inches 9 inches
Battery Life 1 hour minutes 120 minutes 120 minutes 90 minutes 60 minutes
Rechargeable Pod Yes Yes USB Yes
Materials Food grade silicone Silicone, ABS Plastic Silicone Silicone, ABS plastic TPR, Plastic
Vibration modes 6 (+ SenseMotion controls) 3 Modes
Insertable length 3 inches 5 inches
Diameter (Internal) 1 inch, (External) 1.25 inches 1.5 inches 5.5 inches 2 inches
Waterproof Yes Yes Submersible Submersible Yes
Charging Time 120 minutes 100 minutes 30 minutes 120 minutes
Remote Controls Yes, Remote Control Included
Travel Lock Yes No
Storage Bag Included Yes Yes
Clitoral suction 12 modes 11 modes modes
Colors Available Lilac, Aubergine, Dark Gray Black, Silver, Pink
Width 1.8 inches
Height 1.4 inches
Weight 2 oz. 0 lbs
Thrust Modes Rotation, reverse 3 speeds

How to use Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator

Charge Your Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom

Be sure your Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom is fully charged by connecting the pod via the provided USB cable. Keep the vibrator in the pod so it charges fully. Upon disconnection, the pod will provide 4 full charges to the Mushroom, wirelessly.

Lube Up!

Apply a water-based lubricant to your Sunset Mushroom and your clitoris so that it glides over your body smoothly.

Waterproof Fun

The Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator is not only waterproof, it’s submersible too! That way you can have wet and wild fun in the shower, bath, hot tub or pool.

Wash, Dry and Tuck Away

Once you’re finished playing with your Sunset Mushroom, wash it with soap and warm water or a silicone compatible sex toy cleanser. The, pat it dry and store it in it’s charging pod.


Is the Sunset Mushroom soft and flexible?

No, it’s created with food grade silicone but it is firm and non-flexible. But keep in mind, this allows for targeted stimulation for the clitoris or the g-spot.

Can I use the Sunset Mushroom internally?

Although the website suggests to use it externally only, it comes with a safety strap, which secures to the toy, so you can use it for g-spot stimulation and retrieve it easily. The external use suggestion is the same thing as “this product is a novelty and not for bodily use….blah, blah.” It’s to protect them from folks that misuse products.

What is the Sunset Mushroom charging pod made from?

The charging pod is made from ABS plastic that’s free from any toxic ingredients. That way, you can store and charge your Sunset Mushroom, keeping it hygienically clean and safe from damage.

Can I charge the Sunset Mushroom by itself?

No, the only way to charge the Sunset Mushroom is by charging the pod first, then placing the Mushroom inside for wireless, discreet charging.

How do I know my Sunset Mushroom is fully charged?

To check and see if your Mushroom is fully charged and ready for play, simply open the pod and look for the lighted heart. If the heart is flashing, your Mushroom is charging. However, if it’s not, your Mushroom is ready for play. To check how many charges are left on your pod, press the small button on the outside of the pod and the adjacent bar will show you how much power is left.

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