20 Best Sex Toys for Couples, According to Experts and Testers

Embarking on the journey of spicing up your intimate moments with your partner? Look no further than the world of sex toys for couples. While virtually any sex toy, ranging from high-design vibrators to non-vibrating dildos, can add an extra spark to your relationship, there’s a whole realm of innovative and clever toys explicitly designed for couples. Let me be your guide in this exciting exploration—I’ve dedicated several years to the sex-toy beat, covering nearly every category out there. Today, I’m thrilled to share some of my personal favorites and insights from 12 experts who specialize in turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

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What we’re looking for

When it comes to elevating intimate moments, the right choice of sex toys can make all the difference. Our quest for satisfaction encompasses various factors, from the type of toy to the materials it’s crafted from and the level of tech enhancement it offers.


Experts unanimously agree that the type of pleasure and play you seek should dictate the type of toy you choose. From the heightened sensations of vibrators to the shared experiences with rings and the personal satisfaction of strokers, our guide carefully notes the type of each recommended toy to cater to diverse preferences.


Investing in sex toys crafted from high-quality, body-safe materials is a crucial consideration. Our recommended materials, including silicone, glass, stainless steel, and ABS plastic, boast a nonporous nature. This not only ensures durability but also minimizes the risk of harboring harmful bacteria or viruses, prioritizing hygiene. However, it’s essential to note that one item on our list is made from a polymer blend—a softer plastic that can be porous. Consequently, it is advised not to share it with multiple partners to uphold health and safety standards.

App compatibility vs non-app compatibility

In the era of technology, the choice between app compatibility and non-app compatibility adds an exciting dimension to bedroom play. While non-app-compatible toys offer plenty of enjoyment, those with app compatibility open doors to enhanced creativity and play. This feature is particularly advantageous for long-distance couples, providing innovative ways to connect and share pleasure. It’s a consideration that can truly transform your intimate experiences.

1. Chorus that’s great for long-distance relationships


We-Vibe has established itself as the gold standard in couples’ sex toys, and the Chorus solidifies that reputation. What makes it particularly suitable for long-distance relationships is its app-enabled functionality. This means that, regardless of the physical distance, your partner can take control of the device, intensifying the connection and pleasure even if they’re on the other side of the world.

Chorus: A Symphony of Pleasure

An upgraded version of the beloved Sync, the Chorus takes wearable vibrators to new heights. Shaped like a ‘C,’ this vibrator is ingeniously designed to be worn during penetrative sex, although its versatility extends to solo play as well. What sets the Chorus apart is its ability to deliver simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation, creating a harmonious blend of sensations.

Features that Define Excellence

The Chorus boasts 10 distinctive vibration patterns, allowing you to customize your experience according to your desires. A notable improvement from its predecessor, the Sync, is the inclusion of a remote control. This remote control, marked by its innovation, responds to your grip—the tighter you squeeze it, the more intense the vibrations become, putting the power of pleasure literally in your hands.

To provide a clearer overview, here’s a breakdown of the key features:

DesignC-shaped for versatile use
StimulationSimultaneous G-spot and clitoral
Vibration Patterns10 customizable options
Remote ControlResponsive to grip intensity

2. A wand vibrator that might be better than the Magic Wand


While Hitachi Magic Wands have long been hailed as the go-to, Le Wand emerges as a worthy alternative, challenging the notion that there’s only one game in town. The age-old dilemma of Team Magic Wand or Team Le Wand is a matter of personal preference, but as we delve into the unique features of Le Wand, you might find yourself tempted to try something new.

Luxury Redefined: The Le Wand Experience

Le Wand not only matches the power of the Magic Wand but surpasses it with a range of options that cater to diverse preferences. In contrast to the Magic Wand’s two speeds — intense and really intense — Le Wand offers a staggering 10 speeds combined with 20 distinctive vibration patterns. This versatility allows you to customize your experience, ensuring that every moment of pleasure is tailored to your desires.

Explore Le Wand’s Pleasure Arsenal

To provide a comprehensive view, here’s a breakdown of the key features that make Le Wand stand out:

Speeds10 customizable options
Vibration Patterns20 variations for diverse sensations
SizeTravel-friendly, USB-rechargeable option available (Le Wand Petite)

3. This vibrating c-ring that’ll help you go all night long


Designed to prolong and intensify orgasms, the Tor 2 stands out among sex toys for men as an unparalleled choice. The ultra-soft silicone, coupled with a smooth matte finish, elevates the tactile experience, making it a delight to the senses. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Tor 2 boasts six distinct vibration patterns, providing a customizable journey to pleasure.

Versatility Redefined

While primarily crafted to be worn around the penis, the Tor 2 opens the door to endless possibilities. This vibrating c-ring is not confined to traditional use; its versatility shines as it can be creatively employed to stimulate various parts of the body. Whether encircling your finger for precise control or exploring other erogenous zones, the Tor 2 transforms into a multifaceted pleasure tool, adding an extra layer of excitement to your intimate moments.

Lelo’s Commitment to Excellence

The Tor 2’s remarkable performance is a testament to Lelo’s commitment to quality and innovation. Lelo products consistently rank among the best in the industry, and the Tor 2 exemplifies this reputation. Beyond the immediate pleasure it offers, the Tor 2 is a testament to Lelo’s dedication to crafting sex toys that redefine intimate experiences.

To provide a clearer overview, here’s a breakdown of the key features:

MaterialUltra-soft silicone with a smooth matte finish
Vibration PatternsSix customizable options
UseDesigned for penis-owners, versatile for other creative applications

4. A lube for all seasons—and situations


For a go-to option that complements most toys and condoms, Sutil Rich stands out as an excellent choice. This water-based lube is paraben- and glycerin-free, offering a thick and cushiony base for all kinds of play. Enriched with lotus root and horny goat weed, Sutil Rich is formulated to provide a slippery sensation, ensuring smooth and satisfying encounters.

Slick and Long-Lasting: Uberlube Silicone Lube

Silicone lubes, exemplified by Uberlube, are renowned for their longevity and heightened viscosity, offering an extra slippery experience. While ideal for various types of play, it’s crucial to note that silicone lubes should be avoided when using silicone toys to prevent material deterioration. However, for anal sex and backdoor play, silicone lubes like Uberlube add a lovely dimension to the experience.

Hybrid Harmony: Sliquid Silk

Combining the best of both worlds, hybrid lubes like Sliquid Silk offer compatibility with condoms and most toys while lasting longer than traditional water-based options. Infused with a small amount of silicone, these lubes provide an extended and pleasurable experience, making them a versatile choice for couples seeking variety in their intimate moments.

Viscosity Excellence: Gun Oil Pink Water (Oil-Based)

When it comes to optimal viscosity, an oil-based lubricant like Gun Oil Pink Water takes the lead. Ideal for fisting and non-penetrative sex, this type of lube offers a unique texture. However, a critical consideration is to avoid using oil-based lubes with condoms, as oil and latex don’t mix well.

To offer a clearer perspective, let’s break down the key features of each lube type:

Lube TypeIdeal Use
Water-Based (Sutil Rich)Compatible with most toys and condoms, paraben- and glycerin-free, enriched with lotus root and horny goat weed
Silicone (Uberlube)Long-lasting, high viscosity, avoid with silicone toys to prevent material deterioration
Hybrid (Sliquid Silk)Compatible with condoms and most toys, longer-lasting than water-based options, contains a small amount of silicone
Oil-Based (Gun Oil Pink Water)Ideal for fisting and non-penetrative sex, best viscosity, avoid with condoms due to incompatibility with latex

5. These condoms for a sexier spin on safety


In the pursuit of pleasure and safety, explore the world of innovative condoms and intimate accessories designed to add a sensual twist to your intimate moments. Our curated selection goes beyond the conventional, offering an array of options that cater to diverse preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance pleasure during penetrative sex, spice up oral encounters, or accommodate latex sensitivities, we’ve got you covered.

1. B Condoms

Indulge in a heightened experience with latex condoms from B Condoms, where safety meets seduction. Our top pick, the Trojan Bareskin condoms, is a fan-favorite available on Amazon for your convenience. Offering reliable protection against STIs and unwanted pregnancies, these condoms elevate the intimate connection between partners.

2. Durex

Take oral sex to new heights with Durex’s range of flavored condoms. These latex-based delights not only provide a layer of protection but also add a burst of flavor to your intimate moments. Perfect for couples seeking a more satisfying oral experience, Durex flavored condoms open the door to a world of delectable sensations.

3. Non-Latex Alternatives

For those with latex sensitivities, explore non-latex alternatives crafted from polyisoprene or polyurethane. Trojan Supra Bareskin, a thin and plastic-based option, is ideal for individuals with severe latex allergies. To navigate the choices effectively, consult with a healthcare professional to ensure the perfect fit for your unique preferences.

6. This award-winning suction vibrator for oral sex lovers


Embark on a journey of unparalleled pleasure with the Love Triangle, an award-winning suction vibrator that takes clitoral stimulation to new heights. Crafted by Satisfyer, a renowned name in the world of intimate devices, this palm-sized marvel is not just a sex toy; it’s a game-changer for couples seeking a dynamic and technologically advanced experience.

1. Love Triangle: Redefining Clitoral Stimulation

For many vulva owners, clitoral stimulation isn’t merely foreplay—it’s an essential component of reaching climax. The Love Triangle by Satisfyer is tailored for this purpose, designed to replicate the sensation of oral sex with a level of dynamism that surpasses even the popular Satisfyer Pro 2.

2. Innovative Features for a Connected Experience

What sets the Love Triangle apart, aside from its novelty, is its compatibility with the Satisfyer Connect app—a feature not available with the Pro 2. This innovative integration opens up exciting possibilities, especially for couples navigating long-distance relationships. The palm-sized and waterproof design of the Love Triangle enhances its versatility, making it a perfect companion for intimate moments, whether in person or virtually.

3. Merging Technology and Intimacy: The Satisfyer Connect App

Explore a new realm of pleasure by syncing the Love Triangle with the Satisfyer Connect app. This union not only allows for remote control but also transforms the device into a shared experience for couples. As we delve into the era of sex tech, the Love Triangle and its accompanying app exemplify the playful integration of technology and intimacy.

7. These too-cute butt plugs that’ll make your heart melt


Elevate your intimate moments with the charming heart-shaped butt plugs from Adam & Eve. Crafted in silicone and designed to resemble old-fashioned candy hearts, these plugs are the perfect blend of sweetness and playfulness. The heart-shaped base, featuring a flirty message, adds a touch of cheekiness, making them an ideal conversation starter for couples interested in exploring backdoor play. With three color combinations and a manageable three-inch insertable length, these butt plugs cater to beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Spice up your intimate repertoire and make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable with these delightful additions to your collection.

8. A really good strap-on harness


Revolutionize your intimate experiences with top-notch strap-on harnesses—the Aslan Jaguar and the SpareParts HardWear Joque. The Aslan Jaguar, renowned for its exceptional design, promises comfort and durability, ensuring a secure fit for couples exploring new realms of pleasure. On the other hand, the SpareParts Joque, a worthy investment for regular use, stands out with its versatility, machine-washable feature, and a stretchy silicone o-ring, eliminating the hassle of swapping rings as you experiment with different dildo sizes. Elevate your intimate connections with these high-quality harnesses, designed for comfort and enjoyment during every encounter.

9. This vibrating thong so discreet you can wear it in public


Step into a world of discreet indulgence with the OhMiBod vibrating thong, a couples’ sex toy that elevates your intimate experiences. Designed for those seeking a touch of thrill, this USB-rechargeable thong-and-vibe combo offers two vibration patterns, ensuring a powerful and seductive encounter. Its discreet design allows for public enjoyment, and with the included remote control, your partner can take charge from across the room, adding an element of surprise to your private moments. Elevate your date nights with this elegant and powerful accessory, designed to bring passion seamlessly into your life.

10. This hands-free vibrator that’s weird but also brilliant


Introducing the Eva II by Dame Products, a groundbreaking hands-free vibrator designed to revolutionize intimacy for couples. Addressing the pleasure gap, this unique device features discreet silicone “hands” that ensure direct clitoral contact, delivering uninterrupted pleasure during sexual activities. With an improved stay power of up to five hours on a single charge and whisper-quiet operation, the Eva II is discreet yet powerful, making it an ideal addition to your collection of sex toys for couples. Redefine pleasure and enhance connection in the bedroom with this innovative hands-free vibrator.

11. This sex furniture that’ll blend right in with your decor


Revolutionize your intimate experiences with Liberator’s discreet and stylish sex furniture, tailored to seamlessly blend into your decor. Ideal for those dealing with chronic pain or mobility challenges, the Liberator Flip Ramp is a game-changer. With its discreet ottoman appearance, it provides essential support during all-night affairs, and its versatile design allows it to unfold into a ramp, enhancing intimacy and exploration. Discover a harmonious blend of comfort and pleasure with this innovative addition to the world of sex toys for couples.

12. An ultra-bendy vibrator that hits every angle


Meet the MysteryVibe Crescendo, a revolutionary smart vibrator redefining pleasure for couples. Its ultra-bendy design adapts to every body shape, offering a customized experience unlike any other. With six powerful built-in motors, this vibrator stimulates multiple erogenous zones simultaneously, promising unparalleled satisfaction. Take control or sync up with the MysteryVibe app to personalize vibration patterns, adding an intimate layer to your play. Waterproof and versatile, the Crescendo invites shared enjoyment, making it an essential addition to the repertoire of sex toys for couples. Explore new dimensions of pleasure with this innovative device.

13. This stroker that’ll plunge you into a new world of sensations


Discover a new realm of pleasure with the Tenga Zero Flip Hole, revolutionizing the world of male sex toys. Unlike conventional strokers, this innovative device unfolds like a book, revealing a rippled silicone interior that promises a unique and thrilling experience with every stroke. Breaking away from solo use, the Zero Flip Hole becomes a potential game-changer for couples, offering shared pleasure and intimacy. Versatile and adaptable, it stands as a souped-up version of traditional masturbators, delivering a customized and textured journey for individuals seeking heightened sensations. Explore new dimensions of pleasure with this advanced and unique male stroker.

14. A set of affordable bed restraints


Indulge in adventurous pleasures without breaking the bank with the Utimi Bed Restraint Kit, perfect for couples seeking a “50 Shades” experience on a budget. This beginner-friendly set transforms any bed into a haven of excitement, featuring adjustable nylon straps that fit all bed sizes. Complete with fluffy-lined handcuffs, shackles, a blindfold, and a tickler, this affordable kit ensures comfort and versatility for thrilling exploration. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned adventurer, the Utimi Bed Restraint Kit invites couples to ignite their imagination and embark on exciting new adventures in their intimate life.

15. This dildo that almost feels like the real thing


Get ready for an authentic pleasure experience with Vixen Creations’ Mustang Royale, a dildo designed to almost mirror the real thing. Crafted with precision using the exclusive VixSkin dual-density silicone, this toy strikes the perfect balance between firmness and a lifelike feel. Hand-mixed and molded, the Mustang Royale stands out with its harness-friendly base, making it a versatile choice for solo play, couples’ fun, or pegging adventures. Elevate your intimate moments with this realistic and expertly crafted dildo from Vixen Creations.

16. These vibrating anal beads that are great on-the-go


Dive into the world of backdoor play with B-Vibe’s Vibrating Anal Beads, a perfect choice for beginners and pleasure enthusiasts alike. These compact beads feature six vibration patterns and 15 intensity levels powered by dual motors, offering a customizable experience without overwhelming newcomers. With a wireless remote for versatile control and a stylish travel case with locking functionality, these beads are designed for on-the-go pleasure with security and discretion in mind. Elevate your intimate moments, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned explorer, with this dynamic addition to the realm of sex toys for couples.

17. A set of low-temperature candles to heat things up


Kindle the flames of passion with MANFLY’s Low-Temperature Candles, a perfect choice for couples entering the world of wax play. Operating at a gentle 125 degrees Fahrenheit, these candles deliver a tantalizing sting without risking skin singeing, ensuring a safe and thrilling experience for beginners. Praised for their generous size and prolonged burn, MANFLY’s candles provide a long-lasting, enjoyable exploration into the realm of wax play. Elevate your intimacy with these candles, designed to make sensual experimentation fun, safe, and captivating for couples ready to spice up their connection.

18. The most memorable DIY project you’ll ever have


Experience a unique DIY journey with the Clone-A-Willy Kit, an entertaining addition to couple’s sex toys. This user-friendly kit includes everything needed to create a personalized silicone replica of your partner’s anatomy, accompanied by a discreet bullet vibrator for added pleasure. Perfect for couples navigating distance due to travel or work, the kit serves as a thoughtful and humorous way to stay intimately connected. Choose lifelike or vibrant colors for your creation, ensuring a date night you and your partner will always remember. Turn DIY into an intimate adventure with Clone-A-Willy.

19. A palm-sized bullet vibrator that covers all the bases


Discover the Mimic Plus by Clandestine Devices, a palm-sized bullet vibrator designed for both power and comfort. Shaped like a manta ray, this silicone toy fits perfectly in your hand, delivering potent vibrations. Ideal for lovers of “rumbly” sensations, the Mimic Plus, slightly larger than typical bullets, excels in clitoral stimulation and explores erogenous zones like the labia. With easy magnetic charging and a soft, contoured design, this vibrator packs a punch in a compact form. Elevate your intimate experiences with Mimic Plus, your go-to for reliable pleasure. Follow Reviews on social media for the latest updates on deals and review

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