MysteryVibe Crescendo — Take a look at & Evaluation


No vibrator is perfect, but I think Mystery vibe did their best at accommodating a wide variety of needs and preferences, as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing alternative to some of the more daunting medical devices out there. As far as app based toys, The Crescendo has an impressive range, at 30 feet it’s perfect for partner play. I do wish it were a little thicker, but that’s just my personal preference.
Over all, The Crescendo is an excellent choice for a first toy, or a 20th toy. It offers an unparalleled level of customization that can boost any toy collection.

About The MysteryVibe Crescendo

The MysteryVibe Crescendo vibrator is a fully bendable silicone toy made to mimic the curves and bends of the fingers, and features two raised wings for clitoral stimulation. With 6 motors and 16 different vibration combination AND an app that allows you to customize your own patterns, the Crescendo is truly one of the most personalized vibrators on the market.


  • ✅Incredibly flexible (C, S, J shape)
  • ✅Rechargeable
  • ✅Internal and external stimulation
  • ✅Completely waterproof
  • ✅Customizable patterns in app


  • ❌Buttons are small and easily bumped
  • ❌Loses shape easily
  • ❌A bit loud
  • ❌Pattern order can be difficult to remember if you’re not using the app

My Impressions of the MysteryVibe Crescendo


Right off the bat I was excited to try this toy, I don’t have any G-spot focused toys, as up until recently I’ve only experienced one or two G-spot orgasms, and I was really stoked at the idea of being able to whenever I darn well please! I was a little sad to find no charge in my toy when I opened it. I know that’s occasionally the case, but much like a kid on Christmas, I wanna play with my toy right now! After a bit of fumbling around with the wireless charging pad, and the positioning of the toy on it, I was all set to impatiently wait for the charging light to stop blinking. I personally don’t enjoy wireless charging for my phone, and honestly I don’t enjoy it for my vibrators. Minus 1 already for me.

It’s Go Time

An hour and some change later (the manual says 60 minute charge time, I however have ADHD and got distracted cleaning the kitchen while I waited so it definitely sat for more than an hour), I was ready to sit down and figure this fascinating gadget out. After a quick once over, I noticed there isn’t an actual power button, but an Up and Down function that doubles as the power button (this is one toy that absolutely benefits from a glance at the manual). I managed to get it turned on and boy, those 6 motors put in WORK.  There’s 12 preset patterns already installed on the toy, and some serious intensity levels available to you right out the box. But to get the full spectrum of the Crescendos versatility, you really need the Bluetooth-compatible app. So off I went to the app store.

Finding What Works and What Doesn’t.

Mystery Vibe’s app is pretty straight-forward and I did get a chuckle over having to update the software on my vibrator (my how far sex toys have come). In app you have access to all the preset vibration patterns available to you, as well ultimate control over intensity settings. After about 10 minutes of fiddling with different patterns and intensities I found one I liked, and I moved onto figuring out which ways I could bend the toy to feel the best for me, I really enjoyed just how deep of a curve you can accomplish with this toy. Things seemed all good and well until I realized I need more pressure than the joints of the toy would allow when holding it during use. I found myself losing the shape I needed pretty quickly. That paired with the button placement causing me to bump the settings just in gripping the toy for use, really had me feeling a bit discouraged as far as getting a consistent sensation throughout the entire session.

After a bit of repositioning I was able to get it to where I could rock back and forth against it, while maintaining contact with my clit, and was quickly carried away into an intense blended orgasm that left me quite impressed with my first foray into G-spot toys.

Easy as One Two Three

Easy cleaning is my all time favorite feature in a toy, and The Crescendo is just about the easiest. With it’s completely waterproof body, cleaning your toy consists of soap and warm water, or your favorite toy cleanser, dry it off and you’re done!

Design Elements that Define the MysteryVibe Crescendo


The design of MysteryVibe’s Crescendo is actually quite unique and innovative. Its full silicone body is completely waterproof and bendable, to mimic finger shape, as well as harnessing the power of 6, you heard me, SIX motors throughout the entire toy. It’s easily adjusted to adapt any shape necessary (S, C and even J curves), and features two raised wings on one end for clitoral stimulation, making this toy excellent for internal wear and play. I did knock a few points off for button placement (on both sides where you would normally hold the toy), but we’ll get to that a little later.

My User Experience


For all it’s perks, I do wish the Crescendo was a little easier to use. It features an up and down arrow on one side to control vibration pattern, that doubles as the power button, and a +/- control on the other to control vibration intensity, as well as a Bluetooth-capable app that allows you to control the entire vibrator from your phone. I personally found, during use, once I had it on a setting I enjoyed, it was easy to bump the buttons and change the setting right as I was getting settled in, and if you’re using the app it is still possible to change the settings on the toy by accident as well unless you remember to lock it (which maybe that’s just a me problem and I need to lock my toys during use, but for me that’s an easily overlooked step that takes away from the entire experience).

Quality Assessment


The MysteryVibe Crescendo is easily the nicest toy I have personally held. It’s heavy enough to suggest it has power, but light enough to not be an inconvenience. The smooth silicone that stretches the entire toy feels quite luxurious, and I really appreciated that there wasn’t any hard plastic parts on this toy. Something about plastic in a sex toy just feels cheap to me. MysteryVibe really blew me away as quality is concerned.

The MysteryVibe Crescendo’s Price Tag


Coming in at $187.00 on sale on the MysteryVibe website ($249 full price), it is by far one of the more expensive vibrators in my drawer, while also not being the most expensive one out there. If you’re looking for something that *feels* like luxury, and have a little extra to spend, the Crescendo is definitely a toy to consider. Inside the box you get the toy, a wireless charging pad, a user manual and a quick start guide.

Testing the Limits of the MysteryVibe Crescendo


Before testing this toy, I personally decided to look up some reviews myself. Imagine my surprise when I found out the Crescendo is one of the most raved about toys from MysteryVibe next to their Poco design! The reviews touted repaired sex lives, and even strengthened vaginal floors, so I was pretty stoked to try it out myself. I’ve personally only experienced one or two G-spot orgasms, so my expectations were pretty high once I got it in my hands. Mine didn’t come with any charge, and after figuring out the wireless charging pad (that I think is a terrible charging option personally), it took about an hour before it was fully charged and ready to roll. With 6 motors throughout the body of the toy, it is quite loud (enough that my dog looked at me disapprovingly before exiting the room. I hadn’t even done anything yet! What a prude), but there’s a certain level of discretion I think you have to sacrifice for motor intensity. I haven’t run the battery out myself yet, but it is advertised to have a 2 hour battery length.

Evaluating the MysteryVibe Crescendo’s packaging


The packaging for the MysteryVibe Crescendo vibe is actually pretty impressive! The sleeve features eye-catching colors, the product/company name, and some helpful graphics about how to use the product on the side. The box inside is plain white, but in a sleek way. Again featuring the company name, logo and product name. Inside the Crescendo itself is nestled inside some plastic packaging, and the charger in the compartment below it.

The MysteryVibe Crescendo’s Material and Care


The Crescendo is made with 100% high quality body safe silicone, making it completely waterproof and easy to care for. Water-based lubrication is always the suggested partner with silicone toys, and cleanup is as simple as soap and water, or your favorite toy cleaner! I do however wish that a toy at this price point came with a storage bag or something. If you have multiple toys in the same place, sometimes that can lead to discoloration and I’d hate to see such a pretty toy get messed up. But again, that may be a me problem.

Special feature


I think compared to the average vibrator, this entire toy is a special feature. It’s made to be used externally, internally, as well as function as a standard vibrator, with SIX motors to stimulate all 6 erogenous zone. The Crescendo also has a partner app that allows you to customize and create your own vibration patterns. Another thing worth mentioning is the website for the Crescendo states that regular use of a directional vibrator can assist in strengthening the pelvic floor and help with urinary incontinence. MysteryVibe also has an amazing webpage dedicated to position ideas if you don’t know where to start, as well as physical cards available with ideas and tips for solo and partner play, something I haven’t actually seen from a company before.

Specifications and features

Vibration speeds 16 
Vibration patterns 12 + More In-App 
Length 8.7 inches
Insertable length 6 inches
Diameter 1.7 inches
Materials Silicone 
Flexibility Flexible 
Waterproof Yes 
Battery Life 120 minutes
Rechargeable Yes 
Charging Time 60 minutes
Travel Lock Yes 
Remote Controls Yes, In-App 
Storage Bag Included No 

Comparing MysteryVibe Crescendo with alternatives

MysteryVibe Crescendo
Fun Factory Stronic Real
We-Vibe Nova
Romp Flip
CalExotics Pocket Exotics Impulse Slim Silver Bullet
Lelo Ora 3
Overall score 4.3 / 5.0 4.8 / 5.0 NaN / 5.0 3.8 / 5.0 NaN / 5.0 4.1 / 5.0
Bedbible rating 4.0 / 5.0 5.0 / 5.0 4.5 / 5.0 3.7 / 5.0 3.0 / 5.0 3.8 / 5.0
User rating 4.5 / 5.0
from 475 users
4.5 / 5.0
from 69 users
NaN / 5.0
from 0 users
3.9 / 5.0
from 71 users
NaN / 5.0
from 0 users
4.4 / 5.0
from 310 users
Price Medium Medium High Low Low High
Design 90 / 100 100 / 100 75 / 100 80 / 100 60 / 100 75 / 100
Ease of use 90 / 100 90 / 100 100 / 100 87 / 100 70 / 100 80 / 100
Quality 100 / 100 100 / 100 100 / 100 80 / 100 30 / 100 100 / 100
Sound 80 / 100 40 / 100 40 / 100 40 / 100 60 / 100 60 / 100
Power 80 / 100 20 / 100 100 / 100 40 / 100 60 / 100 80 / 100
Buzzy/Rumbly somewhat rumbly very buzzy very rumbly somewhat buzzy neither really buzzy nor rumbly somewhat rumbly
Vibration speeds 16 6 2
Vibration patterns 12 + More In-App 4 3
Length 8.7 inches 8 inches 9.5 inches 9 inches Bullet: 2.25 inches
Insertable length 6 inches 5.5 inches 5.75 inches
Diameter 1.7 inches 1.4 inches 1.5 inches 2 inches 3 inches
Materials Silicone Silicone, ABS Plastic Silicone ABS plastic Silicone, ABS Plastic
Flexibility Flexible
Waterproof Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Battery Life 120 minutes 40-120 minutes 120 minutes 60 minutes Up to 60 minutes
Rechargeable Yes Yes Yes Yes No, Uses 2 AA Batteries Yes
Charging Time 60 minutes Initial charge: 480 minutes 90 minutes 120 minutes 120 minutes
Travel Lock Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Remote Controls Yes, In-App No App Controls
Storage Bag Included No No Yes No Yes
Thrust Modes 7 Speeds & 3 Patterns
Colors Available Purple, Light Skin Tone Blue and Pink Blue
Vibration modes 10 5 12
Width Bullet: 0.6 inches

How to use MysteryVibe Crescendo

Need some direction on how to use your MysteryVibe Crescendo? Here’s some tips to get you started!

Bend It!

Using your hands, bend Crescendo 2 into a shape that can reach the area you want to stimulate.

Take it in the shower!

The Crescendo is completely waterproof! Take it into the shower with you and let the water add another level to the experience!

Partner Play!

The Crescendos bendable shape allows for all kinds of experiences. Use its unique design and powerful motors to stimulate every erogenous zone imaginable.


Can the MysteryVibe Crescendo be used during sex?

Yes, Crescendo 2 is an incredibly versatile vibrator that can be used both externally or internally during sexual intercourse.

What makes the Crescendo so unique compared to other toys?

You can bend Crescendo 2 into any shape that works for you or your partner, of which include:
‘C’ shape – curved to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot at the same time
‘S’ shape – to stimulate the G-spot while your partner performs oral sex
‘J’ shape – to curve around the head of the penis for stimulation.
Crescendo 2 is designed to be a truly unisex and gender-neutral vibrator so people of all orientations and identities can enjoy it. Crescendo 2 has six motors along the length of its shaft, all strategically placed to target multiple erogenous zones throughout. All the motors can be individually programmed and controlled using the app or the MysteryVibe REMOTE so you can create and save vibes that are completely tailored to your preferences.

How can The Crescendo be used for G-spot and clitoral stimulation?

To stimulate the clitoris and G-spot at the same time you can bend Crescendo 2 into a ‘C’ shape and arouse both areas equally

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